Should Indian economy be privatized?
Should Indian economy be privatized?
September 15, 2017
Group discussion and personal interview training in Bhubaneswar
Group discussion and personal interview training in Bhubaneswar
September 19, 2017
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Is Automation in normal lives boon or bane?

Is Automation in normal lives boon or bane?


Is Automation in normal lives boon or bane?

Automation has changed the whole world. Starting from morning to evening all our works somehow automated. Prop drinking water we purify using Aquaguard, eat food prepared by micro oven, wash cloths in washing machine, store foods in Freeze, office works 99% automated only supervision is left for us. The question comes “Is Automation is boon or bane?” That means this automation is good or bad for us.

Is Automation in normal lives boon or bane?

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Good/ Boon for Us

  • Most difficult tasks become more easy
    •      Computer has made lots of difficult tasks to easier. Ex calculation, Data storage etc. Trains and trucks use for goods transportation.
  • Increase the efficiency
    • Human efficiency has increased due to automation. We can manage and do lots of work at the same time.
  • Time Uses reduced
    • Due to automation we need less time to complete a task. Sending and receiving mails, messages are just click of our mouse.
    • Communication Made Easier

We can talk to any person over mobile phone as per our requirement.

  • Security
    •   CCTV cameras brought a revolution in security system. We can track everything also catch the culprit instantly through CCTV footage.
  • Help to Disables
    • Automation has helped the disabled person to overcome the disabilities and work like normal people by providing the proper care and independency.

Bad/ Bane for Us

  • Reduce Employability
    • Low skill workers are replaced but even high skilled workers are getting replaced by the machines. In short run, it may seem to be increasing the unemployment but in long run, automation has freed the people from unnecessary work. With the increase of precision due to automation, we have achieved huge heights in medical sector which has saved many lives.
  • Health issues
    • I partially agree with you. Automation has limited the scope of the players as natural environment for gaming is also changed with the mostly indoor games on computers and play stations. It makes people weak and it’s ultimately the invitation to many health diseases also due to lack of work.
  • Machines are Sensitive
    • Automation to some extent is good but when more control is given to robots like artificial intelligence systems then it is challenging the discretion powers of the humans. Machines can never think like humans and so the decisions are also programmed without involving the sensitivity of the issue.
  • Hackers
    • Technology can be hacked. Which leads to overall destruction of a country also.


Overall, Automation is very essential for growth of the world as a whole. Automation ensures the proper utilization of resources along with the contribution in various fields like healthcare, sports, energy and technology. Without automation, we will waste our time in the unnecessary things and economic balance in world is not maintained. Automation also helps in reducing the waste irrespective of the belief that waste is generated by it. It is short term effects of automation which looks like causing unemployment and destroying the way of life of people. But in long run, automation is the need without which we can’t focus on development.

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