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Love marriage vs Arrange marriage – Which one is better?
Marriage is a very important social institution. Every individual wants to have a perfect match, but the criteria for choosing the partner is different. In love marriages, individuals prefer to choose their partners on their own, while in case of arrange marriages individuals prefers partners chosen by their family or parents. There is a continuous debate regarding the best way to choose the partner for marriage. Let’s analyze which one of the two is better.

Love marriage

– Both individuals know each other already and mutually decide to spend the whole life with each other.

-Couple is responsible for its choice and onus of the blame in future lies on the couple only and nobody else.

-Couple is aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. Therefore they will get along well.

-Couple can eradicate social evil like dowry with their mutual consent because they have the independence to take such decisions at their own level.

-The culture of the extravagant spending too can be curbed by the understanding between the couple.

Arrange marriage:

-Arrange Marriage is not a contract between two individuals alone but a confluence of two families.

-Two families involved in arrange marriages know each other very well and are compatible with each other.

-Because there are more people involved in arrange marriage, the conflict between the couple will be effectively resolved or mitigated.

-Couple is guided by parents experience whereas in love marriage couple is unknown about the future complexities in life and lacks this experience.


Both ways have their merits as well as demerits and marriage is a decision of lifetime. Though families are involved in most of the marriages, it’s the couple which has to live together for lifetime. So, the decision to choose life partner should be left to the individuals. Ultimately no one can certify the best way for a perfect marriage life because like life marriages too are full of uncertainties.

More Ideas

Marriage is a unique bond between two people that in turn unites two different families. Marriage has a different definition for everyone. But this bond gets strengthened by trust, beief, understanding, feeling of oneness, own-ness along with the usual potion of love, romance and affection. Love and arranged marriage both differs from the root. 

Love marriage is better when the two individuals know each other in their true sense instead of projecting only their positives. Understanding each other well would be the basis of the victory of this love marriage. Coming on to the question whether every couple in love dare to share their intricate self prior to marriage is still doubtful. It is a normal human tendency to project our positives to impress others. And when our mind is attracted towards someone, we do tend to show all our good notes to get that person’s attention. This is why many love marriages ends up in vain. 

Talking of arranged marriage, the couples make up their mind a bit to compromise in case of arranged marriage. Unlike love marriage, couples adapt better to rach other’s family in arranged marriage. With the changing trend, even the arranged marriages have evolved and couples take time between engagement and marriage to know and understand each other. This has its own pros and cons. Couples might take time to understand each other’s family requirements and commitments. This could help them evolve easily with the new life. Conversely, the same time could break a marriage if they feel incompatible. Though our society finds breaking marriage as a bad omen, still it is lot better than a unpleasant married life giving sorrow for the entire life of couples.

Closely analysing, it is the adaptability and expectations of couples and their ability to adjust and compromise to the situation that makes or breaks a marriage. This could be equally possible in both love and arranged marriage. We can have one additive point in majority of the arranged marriages that the family comes to help and bonding the couples with integrity in case of any mis-happening or trouble in the married life. Precisely, rather than calling the love or arranged marriage better, we should appreciate every couple who are striving hard every moment to turn their marriage to a complete success


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