Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters!

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November 27, 2015
Healthcare is meant only for rich!
Healthcare is meant only for rich!
December 4, 2015
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Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters!

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday. It is the worst earthquake recorded in Nepal in last 80 years. It was followed by a major aftershock on Sunday. The reported earthquake killed thousands of people and demolished a number of buildings. The issue here is not to discuss the after impact of natural calamities, but is to discuss who should be held accountable for such major losses? There is a group who believe that it is nature or God that uses such measures to discipline humankind while the second group calls mankind as responsible for natural disasters? So, is mankind really responsible for series of natural disasters?


– Men have resulted in the process of climate change and it is the prime reason behind most of the natural calamities witnessed in the present world.

– Global warming, which is converting into a slow onset disaster, is a result of human interference with nature.

– Deforestation, depletion of ozone layer, landslides etc. have been giving warning to humans about the upcoming problems. Still, there are no considerable measures implemented to control the damage.

– The development is coming at the cost of nature. There is a growing imbalance leading to a rise in natural calamities.

– It is the mankind who need to understand that they cannot carry on the development work in the areas prone to natural calamities. 


– Everything is interconnected in this world, whether it is the earth or then other galaxies. So, it cannot be said that human actions lead to natural calamities.

– Even when the earth was free of pollution and then were no factors leading to global warming, at that time too natural disasters used to occur.

– It is a natural cycle where everything is balanced by the nature itself. If there are no corrective actions, then world would become a worst place to live in.

– Note the word in the term “Natural disaster”. It itself stated that all the events that occur are due to natural phenomena, and humanity cannot be blamed for it.

– The deaths from extreme weather declined drastically since the 1920s, and therefore it is really illogical to state that natural disasters are manmade. 


There is a need to change perception of life. It cannot be decided who is responsible for natural calamities, but measures can be taken to control the damage. It is necessary to remember the ancient times when life was seen as integral part of the natural scheme wherein humankind was given an opportunity to work for the benefit of the entire universe without disturbing or playing with it.

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