Why do we learn English as a second language?
Why do we learn English as a second language?
March 19, 2018
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April 11, 2018
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Say something about your best friend

Say something about your best friend, a common Personal Interview Question. The answer to this question is little difficult. Here we will discuss Personal Interview Questions with answers for Saying something about your best friend.

Biswajit (Working Professional)

I would like to describe my best friend as effective, results oriented. I also know that no one is 100% perfect, so he gets angry sometimes.

Say something about your best friend

Sarojini kar(B-tech)

My best friend is very helpful, when we both are together we complete our task very easily which is always helpful for our academic as well as personal life.We both always handle the Work like in a team manner.

Padma (Graduate)

My friend name is Padma. She is very smart and sensitive and she cans easily mixing to others and helpfully.

Ankita (Bsc)

“Say something about your best friend”, this is a very good question in an Interview. My best friend is very polite and  hardworking person we both are together at that time when we are discussing about our personal life he shares everything with me. She speaks frankly. She is open minded.


I am grateful for true friendship I got from my roommate. He is  so loyal trustworthy that i can believe him blindly. When we are together we can face any problem. Without him life is meaningless. He is the best.


Jaladhara Majhi (Phd in kiss)

My best friend is honest, flexible, friendly and intelligent. He helps me anytime and anywhere . I can’t live without my friend. I am extremely glad for him.

Prabir Nayak (Graduate)

My friend has good  leadership quality. He is  enthusiasm for his work. He very friendly and easily makes many friends. He is very funny.

Namita Pradhan (Phd in Kiss)

My best friend is a very simple person. Always she helps to others. She is very punctual. Her thinking is always positive. She is very honest and never hurt anybody.

Deepti (B-tech)

Best friends stand up for each other no matter the circumstances.I have making more good friends in my life. But i have a best friend among them. She is too senior to me. I always respect her because she always with me every time, everywhere, every moment. She always guides me what is right and  what is wrong. She always supports me. I can believe her blindly. She is one of my well wisher. Anyone can share any problem and she gives good solution to each problem. She is very caring towards me. So I love her so much.

Jay Prakash(MCA)

My best friend is like my brother. He is always with me. He shares all things with me. He is Friend forever… I have beautiful quotes about the best friend…. FRIENDS BUY YOU FOOD. BEST FRIENDS EAT YOUR FOOD.

In personal Interview questions with answers, here we discussed about a good question, say something about your best friend.


Say something about your best friend in Interview.

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