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August 28, 2017
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Personal Interview Tips:-
Good body language is one of the best personal interview tips has great importance in an Interview. Interviewer observe your body language a lot. The body language shows 85% attitude of an individual.

What are the etiquette and manners in an interview? In the given video all the given points are perfectly shown…

-How to enter the waiting area or reception area
– Give the call letter to the reception
-Wish the receptionist, pleasantly!
-Dos and Don’ts  in the waiting area
-How to walk towards the Interview hall
-How to enter the interview hall
-Hand shake techniques
-How to sit
-How to maintain a positive attitude in the interview hall

This video gives Personal Interview Tips in terms of manners and etiquette.


Other than the above video personal interviews are always tricky to say the least. You will be surprised to know that how your interview goes depends on the mood of the interviewer too. If the interview has had a bad morning at home then his mood is obviously going to be bad and that will reflect in his interview taking style. If the interviewer knows how to balance his  personal and professional life they you are lucky. Else you will have a very ‘tough’ interview.



Personal interview tips

Personal Interview Tips



Other than the mood of the interviewer how your  interview is going to pan out also depends  on your mood too. If you wake up life, struck in a traffic jam, reach the interview just in time or may be 10 minutes late then the chances are high that you  are  thinking about why you got late to the interview than be mentally prepared to face the interview.

You enter the office confused and mentally tired. The interviewer has a negative opinion on you the  moment he sees your crumpled shirt, confused face and weak body language. However strong you are in the subject of the interview you body language send a different signal to the interviewer and you have almost lost your job even before facing the first question from the interviewer.



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