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English Or Vernacular Medium Schools: What Is Your Choice?

Before starting the debate, let us understand what vernacular language is? In simple terms, it can be defined as a local language spoken by a community in a particular region. Vernacular medium schools tend to use native or local language to impart education. As per the latest data, the count of vernacular medium schools is dropping rapidly in India. In addition, a large number of these schools are being converted into English medium schools. Let us discuss today, English Medium Schools Or Vernacular Medium Schools: What Is Your Choice?

Vernacular Medium Schools

– The best way to make children learn is to teach them in their native language. They don’t feel burdened and learn difficult concepts effortlessly in their mother tongue.

– A number of developed nations don’t use English, but their native language to impart education to children. Education in English is not the only way to growth.

– Children should be treated like humans and not like robots. They will even love to learn history if they get a chance to learn it in their native language.

– When it comes to English, children can always have a good hold on it by having it as a subject in their curriculum. However, rest of the subjects can be taught in vernacular language.

– English is not the one and only way to achieve success. Some outsourcing assignments cannot define the destiny of all the people. As a matter of the fact, it is only the proximity with the culture that defines the real strength of a nation.

– India lacks skilled teachers, and therefore changing the instruction medium can solve the entire problem. Also, it should be noted that over 75% of population in India doesn’t speak English.

English Medium Schools

– English tops the list of languages understood by inhabitants from different states and castes, and therefore English medium schools are a better alternative over vernacular medium schools.

– There is a big difference between India and other developed nations. When it comes to India it is a home to many languages. Therefore, it would be difficult to decide the single language that should be used as a medium of instruction in vernacular medium schools.

– It would become extremely difficult for students to cope with the increasing competition if they don’t get their education in English.

– The subject knowledge is important but it is also important to apply that language in real world. And in today’s world, English is must to excel your knowledge and skills.

– Learning in vernacular medium schools can have two types of effects on students. Either they can feel biased towards their native language, or they can feel diffident of being educated in vernacular medium school.


Vernacular medium schools are more focused on imparting education in mother tongue. They believe in the concept that native language is psychologically important, particularly to children. It helps in developing individual perspective as thought and language are connected. At the same time vernacular language is equally important in socio-cultural arena. The use of native language as teaching medium enhances cognitive abilities. If the vernacular medium schools can make their students excel in English language, then in all the aspects, vernacular medium schools are a better option over English medium schools.

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