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Life imprisonment is a good alternative to capital punishment

We talk about punishments for the criminals, thieves or people who commit serious mistakes. Do we ever ask ourselves that what is the purpose of these punishments? Is it always necessary to punish people for every mistake? And what are the parameters to decide which punishment is better for which crime.


– If a person commits a mistake which has a deep impact on the victim or victim’s family then life imprisonment is an appropriate punishment.
– Capital punishment takes the life of a person which is not a real justice to any crime.
– Life imprisonment gives a chance to the criminals to realize their mistakes.


– Life imprisonment is not a good alternative to capital punishment as no mistake is big enough for life imprisonment.
– Capital punishment is a best way to pass a message to the society.
– It removes dangerous criminals from the society making it a safer place for the people.
– It will help remove the discrimination, which should be corrected by giving capital punishments to murderers.

Life imprisonment is still far better than capital punishment because it is better to live then die as everyone loves to live.

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