Skill or concept: What’s more important?

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March 14, 2015
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March 14, 2015
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Skill or concept: What’s more important?

Skills’ and ‘Concept’, the two simple words often result in a debate among experts. Some participants argue that it is not possible to impart skills whether they are cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary skills separately from conceptual understanding, while others argue that skills required in today’s world don’t depend on concept. They also argue that these skills are under-prioritized in educational institutions. Do you feel skills should be given more importance in this competitive world? Let us debate on the topic, Skill or concept: What’s more important?


– Concept do not result in effective leadership. The ability to communicate well, both verbal and written, is a critical managerial skill that forms strong foundation of an effective leadership.

– The creative careers like acting, singing, writing etc are not based on concept. They require creativity, curiosity, artistry, innovation, imagination and personal expression skills.

– Concepts fail if they are not supported by skills like self-direction, planning, self-discipline, perseverance, adaptability and initiative. These are the main factors contributing to success.

– When it comes to a profession like teaching, teachers are required to possess pedagogical skills in the absence of which they will fail to share their conceptual knowledge.

– In today’s world, knowledge and information are increasing at an astronomical rate that people cannot learn everything. For this reason, students require adaptable skills that they can apply in all areas of life.


– In the absence of strong subject knowledge, a person can never generate skills. It is the concept that forms foundation for skills.

– Cross-disciplinary skills are an integral part of conceptual understanding, for instance, students can’t learn to write well if there are no facts, principles, ideas and philosophies to write about.

– When it comes to teaching profession or even corporate jobs, it is the concept that is required to express skills. If there is no concept, what will professionals deliver?

– Even in the creative and artistic world, people have to undergo formal training to become a part of competitive industry.

– Skills are always hidden within the people. But it alone doesn’t make an individual successful. It is recognized only when it is highlighted by conceptual understanding.


The basic conclusion of debate is skills and concepts are correlated to each other. Concept necessarily is not the formal education, but is about having subject knowledge which is must to represent skills. The educational system need to focus on skills along with concept. The skills taught should be able to meet the specific demands that students need to face when they enter in a competitive, information-age, complex, knowledge-based, technology-driven economy.

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