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Teachers Construct, Netas Destruct Group Discussion

Teachers Construct, Netas Destruct Group Discussion“A teacher is never an ordinary person. Construction and destruction can be produced in his lap.”

Teaching is an important activity. It is the base of any nation or culture. But in our communities and society, is a teacher now the sole author of construction while netas wreak destruction?

Teaching is a critical activity and so is leading. Each plays a vital part in the regulation of society and the achievement of national goals. But lately, with corruption, scams and bribery charges, can our netas be likened to the dedicated teacher who works day in and day out to shape young minds and influence the nation in a positive way?

When it comes to nation building, do teachers construct and netas destruct? Let us learn more about where the truth lies.


1.Teaching is a noble profession, Politics is morally degraded

Teaching involves providing knowledge and guidance. It is one of the oldest and noblest services to society in any culture. The question arises if teaching is just a profession or a duty? Actually, it is both. A noble profession, teaching shows the right path to students, and prepares human resources for the right development of the nation as against scam ridden netas.

2. Teaching facilitates change, netas don’t

Teaching is a process to prepare a nation of skilled professionals and workers like engineers, doctors, lawyers, and policemen to name just a few. It is a means of letting knowledge touch the lives of millions. Consider the tribute paid by the missile man and noted space scientist, as well as ex president Abdul J. Kalam to his teachers in “Wings of Fire”, where his science teacher Shivasubramanyam Iyer guided him to be who he was. Politicians want to oppose change.

3. Teachers mobilize minds, netas want status quo

Teachers shape young minds from the inception during the school years. They bring about positive change. Politicians, on the other hand, want to preserve the status quo when it comes to education, infrastructure and health as well as other parameters for vote bank politics. Keeping the masses uneducated so that they remain under the neta’s thumb is the way these politicians work.

4. Teachers evolve positive mindsets, netas destroy minds

Another important point about teaching is that it enlightens the students, who learn life’s lessons. Aristotle has remarked that teachers are even higher than life givers, because they attune youngsters in the art of living well. Teaching is a noble service that creates a peaceful, beautiful world. Netas, with their power games and strategies only seek to divide and destroy communities in the name of votes and gaining ill gotten wealth. They perpetrate scam culture and encourage people to pay bribes, destroying the mindset of honesty and accountability.

5. Teachers promote harmony, netas create boundaries

Teaching moulds the next generation and education in particular is valued by institutions like the family and civil society. On the other hand, with bribes and corruption charges to their credit, netas are quite the reserve when it comes to nation building and ethical conduct.

6. Netas Collude for Money, Teachers Plan for Growth

Teachers are agents of the future growth and development of the country, by promoting critical and creative thinking and providing compassionate and knowledgeable citizens skilled within their professions. They have the power to create a healthy and peaceful community, informing and engaging young minds to become caring citizens of the future. In addition they spark the passion for knowledge, understanding and innovation to inspire lifelong learning.


1. Netas run the country, teachers nurture growth

Netas are tasked with the responsibility of running countries efficiently and ensuring development. Educators, on the other hand, nurture and educate future citizens of India. Both play a critical role in helping the nation to progress harmoniously.

2. A Selfless Attitude

Both teaching and politics shape the lives of others. They need a selfless attitude for those engaged in these professions. Just as teaching shapes minds, netas shape the future. They are both pillars of a nation without which the process of nation building cannot be carried out.

One good leader can be an inspiration to many people in a country. His selfless and hardworking attitude can inspire a lot of people to follow his footsteps.

3.Representing People’s Interests

Teachers impart education and value to students, providing the right environment for them to grow and develop. They also become good citizens of the nation. Politicians also have a pivotal role to play being representatives of people, and having the task of looking after their welfare. Netas are decision makers and their tasks will strengthen the national matrix and lead the country towards development.

4. Teachers and Netas: What’s the Difference?

Some feel that in this day and age, teachers lack qualifications and training and are promoting negative attitudes among children, making them no better than netas. Rather than just a few bad apples in the lot, teachers by and large are degrading ethically and morally collecting money in the name of tuition and cheating the students. This makes them no better than netas.

While there are instances of teachers who don’t have the ethics to deserve their position, these are a few. Netas in general are corrupt, greedy, shortsighted and driven by political goals and ambitions. With the netas at the helm of the country, is it any wonder that society is facing increased cases of moral and ethical corruption? Teachers have an uphill task before them, given the challenges of a country where public figures are caught in the trap of corruption, bribery and impropriety.

We have understood how teachers construct, netas destruct Group Discussion

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