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How to answer the question in an interview, “Tell something About Yourself: Interview Skill Training”.  We will discuss here.

I’ve read your resume, tell me more about who you are. How would other people describe you?

Introduce yourself

First of all, this isn’t even a question. Yet it is the most commonly asked interview “question,” so you need to be ready for it. Most interviewers who ask this question are not practiced interviewers, so this question serves as a softball way to start out the interview. And often, sadly, it serves as a delay question to give an unprepared interviewer time to quickly scan your resume for the first time. It is an open-ended question, so it gives the interviewee the opportunity to go in any of several directions. From there, the interviewer can drill down into specifics. The interviewer does not want to know all the details about you from birth forward. They are specifically focused on who you are in relation to the specific job for which you are applying. The interviewer is effectively asking: “Tell me about your background on your resume in more detail.

The best approach to answering this question:
Focus on the part of you which makes you the best candidate for the position. Talk first about your preparation for the role and then focus in tightly on what makes you the best candidate for the role. Use a quick overall summary, then use laser focus on the role itself. Keep your initial answer short, about 2-3 minutes at most, then pause to give the interviewer the opportunity to either:

a) ask a different question; or

b) ask a clarifying or detail question drilling into specifics around your answer

When you pause, some interviewers will simply pause and/or nod as an indicator for you to continue. If that happens, start drilling into the details and examples. Also, be prepared for potential interruptions along the way, as many interviewers use this question as a way to bring up areas of interest where they can drill down further.


I’ve worked hard in my education and my internships to prepare myself to become a good electric engineer. I will be receiving my B-tech in Electronics from KIIT university and have already completed internships with CESCO in last summer. I worked for CESCO last summer in electric distribution and transmission system. I have already taken the Personality Development course to develop my personality and communication skill. I earned best speaker award in inter college debate competition.  I am the second boy in my family.  My father has taken a lot of difficulty to arrange money for my studies.
He has great expectation on me. I love to go on  ride on my bike. I have another weakness that is cooking. During Sunday’s I watch YouTube videos and prepare new dishes for my family and friends.

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Tell something about yourself

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