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GD Topic: Is democracy is the reason for corruption in India
November 9, 2017
Basic English Grammar: ADVERBS OF PLACE
November 10, 2017
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Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. When it happens we need a phrase to tell the other person how really sorry we are and stop them getting really angry.

Here is some useful phrase:

  1. Sorry:

It’s a very general short apology. We use this phrase when we are in hurry, for example, we use this when we bump into people on the street. At other times, it sounds too weak.

    1. I’m (so / very / terribly) sorry:

It’s a strong way to say sorry. Generally when we want to be more polite or the priority is very high. We use ‘so’, ‘very’ and ‘terribly’ to make the meaning stronger. ‘Terribly’ is the strongest. If we use one of the words in brackets, it is stressed.

  1. Ever so sorry:

Normally we don’t use it but it’s a very polite way to stay sorry. Is quite formal but it’s a stronger apology than just ‘sorry’.

  1. How stupid/careless/thoughtless of me:

Criticize ourselves and the mistake that we have just made. For example ”oo how stupid I am” this type of expression generally used in instant movement. It’s a very common way to say sorry.

  1. Pardon (me):

It’s a very strong way to say sorry we can say this type of expression in the ancient English language. It’s a very formal way to say sorry.

  1. That’s my fault:

We use this expression to take all the responsibility for our self. When we are filling too much guilty we use this expression.

  1. Please excuse my (ignorance):

We use this expression to apologize for our lack of knowledge or ability. We can replace the word in brackets with other nouns, e.g. carelessness, forgetfulness.

  1. Please don’t be mad at me:

We use this expression when asking the other person not to get angry. The tone is quite informal. Sometime the person who is asking may in fear and asking for forgiveness.

  1. Please accept our (sincerest) apologies:

We use this expression mainly in official letters. The word ‘sincerest’ makes the apology very strong and very formal.


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