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Education is one of the most important parts of life. When it comes to college education it becomes all more essential to select the right course and right form of learning. There are people who don’t opt for regular college instead finds it better to go for correspondence courses where there is no need to attend the physical classes. Before making any final choice it is better to understand the pros and cons of both the courses. What do you think, what’s better- Regular College or correspondence courses?

Regular College

• It is the classroom environment present in the regular college that becomes a place for direct social interaction. It cannot be found in correspondence courses.

• Correspondence courses is not ideal for all the students as it demands a strict discipline approach to be followed otherwise all the time and energy goes wasted.

• In the regular college, there are friends, teachers and mentors who are the source of motivation and are always there to solve the problems.

• Correspondence courses degrees are not accepted everywhere whereas regular college degrees have their own recognition.

• There are many courses that are not available through correspondence and in that case only regular college is the option.

• Regular college provides assistance by planning campus placements that is absent in correspondence course.

Correspondence Courses

• The best benefit of opting for correspondence class is the flexibility. The course can be done from the comfort of home with a computer and internet connection. It can even be done without a connection with the physical books.

• There is no need to waste the time in commuting from home to college instead it can be used for some other constructive purposes.

• Correspondence courses are the best choice of education who cannot afford the heavy fees of the regular colleges. It also saves the transportation and other campus related costs.

• Correspondence courses are the best option for the girls who are from orthodox families and are not allowed to enroll for regular colleges.

• The working people or the student who have to work while learning process can opt for the correspondence courses. It gives the degree and along with gains the working experience and income.


College learning and education is fairly structured where students know about their sessions and learning plans. But there are times when students don’t have any other option but to enroll for the correspondence course. They might seem easy and flexible at first glance but in fact requires a lot more discipline and efforts to complete it successfully. They are not a bad choice, but the only thing it should be opted only when you don’t have the option for regular college. Also, select the type of mode that suits your personal needs, strengths and career objectives.

What’s better – Regular College or correspondence courses?

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