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September 12, 2017
Personal Interview training Tips
Personal Interview Training Tips
September 14, 2017

Introduction: Economic growth is more important than ecological protection

“Economic growth is more important than ecological protection” we are going to discuss here. Environment has created fast and then our economy. All most everyone is running on a race to fulfill their need for earning. The Economic growth is not a one day process but it is a continuous process. For this, we need sustainable development i.e Using resources in such a way that it fulfills a current need or demand without compromising the future needs. Without taking care of the ecological system, the economic growth is next to impossible. We get food, water, resources, air everything from the ecosystem.

Let’s start the discussion

Economic Growth

  1. Economic growth is more important. Growth and development comes from economic growth.
  2. Industrialization and modernisation can be done through economic growth.
  3. Economic growth is important because third world countries have huge poverty level and economic growth through industrialization is the only way.
  4. Smart city projects are based on Economic developments. Ecological protection is hindrances in the part of development.
  5. Car, Bus, AC and internet is only through Economic growth.
  6. We are able to fight with so many variety of diseases through our research and development from Economic growth only.

Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

Ecological Protection:

  1. A proper economic growth of the nation is only possible if we utilise all the resources available in a proper, sustainable and efficient manner. Jeopardising the natural balance just to accomplish short term economic goals is not only reckless but has severe effects for future generations.
  2. Both the things that is of ecological as well as an ecosystem are hand to hand like things. And all the countries whether it is developed one or under developing countries, both used to maintain this hand to hand. Where ever this balance fluctuates then as a resultant that particular city is effect by the ecological system. As we look after the Delhi, there it is a unbalance of economic growth with the ecosystem. That is economic growth is exceeding the ecosystem usage. Because of which government is having a formula like odd and even. Recently Delhi government had a compulsion to the class rooms that they must have air purifiers in their classrooms. This all the stuff they are doing just to maintain this hand to hand thing balanced.

More Points Continu….

  1. Economic growth and ecological protection both are important at their own place. We can’t succeed without economic growth. Economic growth brings prosperity and peace in our life. It simplifies our life. But it should not be done without caring our ecosystem. Because our ecosystem is equally important to us. It maintains a balance between different forms of lives. Therefore, we should grow without harming the ecosystem. This is called sustainable development. To achieve this, we can use non-conventional sources of energy such as wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy. They don’t harm the ecosystem and also fulfill the power needs of the humans. We can switch to electric vehicles such as an electric car, bike, train etc.
  1. Using the earth’s natural resources especially as fuels to our industry, we come to an alarming level to use these anymore. Global warming is the main concern of all the countries worldwide. India plays a vital role in this regard.
  2. The Level of carbon mono oxide gas in the air has increased at such a dangerous point that people especially children are suffering from various heart and lung disease. Smog has become a common feature of all metro cities around the world.


Finally, the word “eco” is clearly relating to both ecology and economy. When we want to grow in the economy then we have to need to in the growth in ecology also for maintained balance between both for developing our nation.Because the economy is an asset then the ecology is an aspect in which our country should develop. So for developing our nation we have to focused on cleaning at beginning and after improving economically will make our India developed and stronger. So we discussed the topic “Economic growth is more important than ecological protection”. What are your long term goal? Personal Interview Question

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