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November 8, 2017
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November 9, 2017
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democracy is the reason for corruption in India

democracy is the reason for corruption in India

democracy is the reason for corruption in India

Corruption is an unfair means to get your work done. Corruption exists in almost in every sector. In small terms, corruption exists in colleges where students pay to get marks. In big terms, it exists in politics!

As we know, democracy means of the people, for the people and by the people. It is to help people leave the way they want. This liberty, however, can be misused. Hence a question here is “Is democracy resulting in corruption”?

Phrases And Idioms with Meaning


  • Democracy gives freedom to everyone. Some people who are in a higher position in national economy take advantage and make use of this in the wrong way.
  • Democracy allows people to choose their leader. But many times we see that election candidates pay money to get votes.
  • Democracy makes law and orders very slow. We can see criminals take advantages of democratic rights to delay the judicial process.
  • In democratic country, lawmaking is not essay
  • Though it is unfair to say that because of Democracy, corruption is existent, however, the fact remains that democracy provides equality to everyone that results in people to have their own aims. These aims may not always necessarily be for the good propose.


  • Corruption is not a direct result of democracy. Corrupting exit everywhere how can we say that the country which is not democratic is corruption free.
  • It is an individual’s decision to spread corruption or not, here education and individuals mindset plays a vital role to prevent corruption.
  • When people are given a choice to their leader, they must think twice before doing so. If they accept bribe it is not democracy that can be lamed.
  • Making law may be slow in a democratic country but it stays last long because in a democratic country every sector of society gets equal importance before making the law.
  • It is wrong that democracy makes the judicial process slow by increasing number of curt we can boost judicial process fast.



Sometimes democracy makes governing process slow but then there is much more stability and accuracy is present in a democracy. There is no direct link between democracy and corruption the only way to stop this is the awareness of people.


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