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Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India Priorities for Future
June 2, 2018
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June 4, 2018
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What is your Greatest Achievement In Life

What is your Greatest Achievement In Life

Here we would like to discuss about the interview question “What is your Greatest Achievement In Life” So, here is some possible answers.What is your Greatest Achievement In Life

Miss.Ankita Pattanaik

I have achieved few things in my life. From those the achievement of state award in sports was the best. Because only that time my father said I am proud of you my dear. I think this is the best achievement when your parents feel proud of you.

Mr.Jetendra Pattanaik

I got 3 consecutive best employee awards from last company. And recently also got the best all-rounder of company for completion of my new project before the time period.


I always believe to stand as an example among the team organization. I have never ever seen achieve below expectations in my organization and also I always appreciate by my management. I achieved in two ways. One is personal and other is professional. In personal I have achieved. And in professional I have achieved.


When i qualified B.ed entrance, my parents were very happy. Because that time my parents said I am proud of my daughter. That time I had the greatest achievement.

Miss. Suprabha

From the day of my birth till now my greatest achievement is my parent’s love and care and they always inspire me. They are my strength. Whatever I have achieved till now it is just due to them.


Well I have not done anything much special but once I helped a poor man to reach his home. I just gave him a bus ticket a packet of biscuit with a mango juice.  The smile in his face and the tears from his eyes skipped my heart. I was happy at myself and that was my achievement in the field of mankind.  I worth being a human. In my point of view, greatest achievement is to become a good human being in society.


I was called for the OPSC Interview last year and I finally got OPSC order for joining in service. I am very happy to get a government job and this is my biggest achievement for ever.


“What is your Greatest Achievement In Life” is a good question. Last year when I was going home. There was an accident happened in front me. Then I took the man to hospital. I think, this is my biggest achievement that I saved a man’s life..


I have achieved my aim. I received a few rewards and prizes as a student I have got a job that pays me well and allow me to support my family. I found my passion and I am following it.

Mr.Okila Sahu

I worked hard on my study for one year then i got success and after that i got good mark in that exam. That is my biggest achievement for ever.

MissSaraswati Kasta

I have not done anything in my life. But when I left my 1st organization   after that I heard two members of my team were got promoted as team leaders. After that they called me and said that without your support we can’t achieve our success. That time I was very happy for them. I think this is my achievements of my life.

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When I get job I don’t understand which job is good for me and which type job I do I don’t understand that so that that time what I got job I joined immediately but after few years I have faced many problems after that I decided that I chose a particular job or particular line then I decided I will go for accounts job only and be professional on that line. After few years I done it I got experience and working as a professional.

Miss.Barsharani Sahoo

In my childhood, I always used to see a dream to get first class in my educational career and I achieved First Class and finally I full fill my dream. This is the greatest achievement for me. That dream also continuing now.


In my opinion achievement is a powerful thing in everyone’s life. I think, I have not done such type of things which give me achievement in my life till now. When I got a job I think it was the greatest achievement for me as well as my parents.

Mr.Prativa Singh

My greatest achievement in my life. During my college time I was an NCC commander. I was selected for Republic day parade in New Delhi. I am able to see my parents happy and satisfied with me.

Here we discussed the interview question”What is your Greatest Achievement In Life

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