Basic English Grammar Lesson Simple Past: Episode – 10

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February 1, 2018
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Simple Past

Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense here in this “Basic English Grammar Lesson Simple Past: Episode – 10” We are going to discuss.

When an action started in the past and completed in the past we use Simple past tense e.i subject + verb (past)+object. Basic English Grammar Lesson Simple Past: Episode – 10

Simple Past







I taught English.

Did you teach English? Yes, I taught English.

Didn’t you teach English? No, didn’t teach English.

I wrote letter.

Did you write letter? Yes, I wrote English.

Didn’t you write letter? No, I didn’t write English.

I visited my village.

Did you visit your village? Yes, I visited my village.

Didn’t you visit your village? No, I didn’t visit my village

I washed clothes.

Did you wash clothes? Yes, I washed clothes.

Didn’t you wash clothes? No, I didn’t wash clothes.

I opened door.

Did you open door? Yes, I opened door.

Didn’t you open door? No, I didn’t open door.

I closed door.

Did you close door? Yes, I closed door.

Didn’t you close door? No, I didn’t closed door.

I drove car.

Did you drive car? Yes, I drove car.

Didn’t you drive car? No, I didn’t drive car.

I drank water.

Did you drink water? Yes, I drank water.

Didn’t you drink water? No, I didn’t drink water.

I ate ice-cream.

Did you eat ice-cream? Yes, I ate ice-cream.

Didn’t you eat ice-cream? No, I didn’t eat ice-cream.

I washed car.

Did you wash car? Yes, I wash car.

Didn’t you wash car? No, I didn’t wash car.

I watched movie.

Did you watch movie? Yes, I watched movie.

Didn’t you watch movie? No, I didn’t watch movie.

I cooked rice.

Did you cook rice? Yes, I cook rice.

Didn’t you cook rice? No, I didn’t cook rice.


We discuss in this blog “Basic English Grammar Lesson Simple Past: Episode –10”. You can click the video link to watch live videos.


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