11 ways to overcome English Speaking Phobia

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English Phobia

11 ways to overcome English Speaking Phobia

We are English Fearing people, not English loving people.

Britishers ruled our country for 300 years. We had great fear for these Britishers. They left, but gave their language along with the fear factor to us.


The name “English” brings hesitation, in our heart. Most of us never tried to control it. It’s just a language not a tiger or a lion. We forget that, we got a brilliant brain. We can keep the king of jungle “lion” in a cage, But we feel English is bigger, Strong and more powerful than us.

Memorize the answers & vomit it in the exam paper, our job is done.

Oh! We forget. English is a global language. It’s an international language. It’s a need, not a want for us. We got more than 100 different languages in our country. Though, Sanskrit is the mother of all the language. But few people understand and speak Sanskrit. We don’t have any common language to communicate with each other. We respect our own mother tongue a lot. We don’t want to make any common language in our country. All the brothers have ego for their own language. So we have given permission to an additional language to take the common place from another country.

Just scoring marks in exam hasn’t concluded the English learning. If we want to go up in career, create name, fame, earn more money; we need to communicate. As “English” has taken the place of common communicative language, we need to not just control; but get mastery over it.

The bigger question “How”.

How to control English Language?

How to get mastery over it?

How to remove our fear?

Let’s understand 11 ways to overcome English Speaking Phobia & apply in our lives.

  1. English is just a language

As our own language, English is just a language. During our childhood, our parents helped us to learn our own language, to express our feelings words. Feel like your own mother tongue learning process & learn it.

  1. Observe others speaking English

Observation is considered as the best way to learn a language, in childhood we observe our parents & imitate them. The same rule applies here.

  1. Learning grammar.

We speak and write perfectly in our mother tongue. But we are very poor in the grammatical aspect.

Similarly, while speaking English; we forget about grammar.

  1. Don’t use difficult words.

We want to communicate to others. That means using difficult words will create the barrier. Use simple communicative words.

  1. Speak to yourself

Tell to yourself that yes, you can speak English. Bring that confidence in yourself. That will help a lot.

  1. Force yourself to speak English Irrespective of the adverse situation
  2. Don’t talk fast

Talk slowly, so that you can maintain a proper rhythem & wirn’t run away

from woods.

8.Practice along with your friends

Practice English Speaking with your friends. Even if you don’t feel comfortable still continue your talk.

9.Listen English music

Listen English music & try to understand the lyrics.

10. Reading habits

Regularly reading news paper will help a lot. Even if you don’t understand still read regularly. Read Novels or short stories as per your comfortable.

11. Speak/Record/Listen

Practice speaking on any topic, while speaking record it & after that listen it.

Conclusion :

Here we discussed 11 ways to overcome English Speaking Phobia. Just apply the discussed methods , you will find a drastic change.

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