Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it’s types

October 28, 2017
GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family
GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family
October 30, 2017
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Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it's types

Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it's types

Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it’s types

Pronouns replace nouns. A different pronoun is required depending on two elements: the noun being replaced and the function that noun has in the sentence.


Personal Pronoun :-I,We, They, You, He, She, It

Example: I am Ashok. I am a trainer. I work in a MNC company.

In this case “I” is a pronoun.

Prashant is here. He is waiting for you.

In this case “He” is a personal Pronoun.

Reflexive Pronoun:- Myself, himself, herself, yourself, themselves

Example: I teach myself. They hurt themselves. She writes the book herself.

In this case ” myself, themselves, herself ” is called reflexive pronoun.

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Demonstrative Pronoun:- This, that, these, those

Example: This is a car. That is a bus. There are my bags. Those are your pens.

In the given example “This , that, these, those” are called demonstrative pronoun.

Indefinite Pronoun:- One,any anyone, anything, anybody, somebody, all, none

Anybody can do this job. Someone has stolen my purse.

In this case “Anyone, Someone” are called indefinite pronoun.

Collective Nouns & It’s description 

Distributive Pronoun:- Each, every, either, neither

Each students should get a book. Every individual should come here.

Each & Every is called distributive pronoun.

Reciprocal Pronoun:- Each other, one another

They sent invitation cards each other.  Peter & Merry helped one another.

In the given sentence each other & one another are called reciprocal pronoun.

Relative Pronoun:- Who, Whose, whom, which, that, what

I got the pen, which you gave me.  I know the thief, who has stolen the watch.

Which & Who is called Relative Pronoun.

Interrogative Pronoun:- Who, whose, whom, which, what

Who is the president?

Whose pen is this? Whose laptop is this?

Which is your bike?  Which is your house?

What do you eat daily? What do you drink daily?

In the above sentences who, what, whose, which are called interrogative pronoun.

We have discussed Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it’s types .


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