Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it's types
Basic English Grammar: Pronoun & it’s types
October 28, 2017
social media is the Cause of terrorism
Is social media is the Cause of terrorism
October 31, 2017
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GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family

GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family

GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family

The joint family system has always been a point of debate in the context of economic development. The discourse is based on whether the joint family system is beneficial or detrimental in the process of economic development and social health. Joint families were a very common phenomenon in India. Today, until the members are not having a common business, joint families are rarely seen. Most of the children if salaried, stay out of their native place and prefer to have a nuclear family. In India, it is very common to see a joint family but due to the influence of western culture now nuclear family mentality is dominating in India.



  • There is more attachment between family members.
  • There is a better cost control, educations assistance.
  • A sense of moral support is always there.
  • Since there are more people, you can share your problems, grief’s etc.
  • The children usually feel neglected in case of a nuclear family especially in cases where both parents are working.
  • Since children stay with elders since childhood, they are more mannered, respect others and become more responsible.


  • There is no freedom. There is too much of intrusion.
  • More people would mean more misunderstandings. This leads to more disputes in monetary terms as well.
  • In nuclear families, since people meet less often, they value each other even more.
  • The family members, especially the elderly keep questioning. This introduces more conflicts, especially amongst youngsters.
  • In most cases, conflicts in joint families are usually over the property. We have seen so many of such cases in the news as well.



Whether a family is joint or nuclear, what really matters is respect for elders and unity. Each family member must stand by another when in need. End of the day, it entirely depends on an individual whether or not he realizes his duties. Joint family or nuclear family all depend on the love if all the members are cooperative and do love each other then it is the best family.


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