GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family
GD Topic: Joint family is batter then single family
October 30, 2017
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November 1, 2017
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social media is the Cause of terrorism

social media is the Cause of terrorism

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Today in many group discussions and personal interview there is a topic frequently arising about terrorism. Terrorism is not the problem of only one nation or for a specific continent nowadays this a global problem even in the developed country like the USA, UK etc. are not able to control terrorist which are even coming from their country. We can see the many serial attacks in USA, France, and Britten etc. where the terrorist are from there won country and they attacked general public meetings.Is social media is the Couse of terrorism

So how this person is turning in to terrorist and killing there won peoples

Now many questions arise about their country administration and education system but it also true that they are living in a developed country and they expend lot of money on their education system more than we do, they also have best defiance system and sometimes we depend on them for our defiance equipment and still they are Turing agents their own country.

Here some other fact also arises that this all terror activities are interlinked and from one point all the instruction is coming then who is the messenger and what is the communication medium they are using.

If we think deeply then we can find that nowadays most of the terrorist are coming from a particular age group and all are internet user and from social media, they are coming in contact with this terror organization. Social media is now everywhere and it is also using by the terror organization and they are using this for brainwash.

Facebook admitted in 2011 (when it had ‘just’ 500 million users) that more than 600,000 of its accounts were compromised every single day. Each of those security breaches could have been used for identity theft, criminal impersonation, tax fraud, health insurance scams, or a plethora of other possible criminal offenses. According to Facebook’s 2014 annual report, up to 11 percent of its accounts are fake, meaning more than 140 million accounts at that time. Any data we entrust to social media can be leaked to criminals, terrorists, or others.It is estimated that at least 40 percent of social media users have been exposed to at least one form of malware, and more than 20 percent have had their social networking or e-mail account compromised or taken over by a third-party without permission.


If we failed to control terrorism in social media then this will be a great problem someday which will kill more people then world war. Social awareness and campaign are already ruing by various NGOs but it all up to au that how we are using social media.


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