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November 1, 2017
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Body Language in a group discussion

Body Language in a group discussion

Body Language in a group discussion

One of the most important elements of communication is body language. Our gestures, hand movements, facial expressions etc. come under body language. Body language is another means of communication. Sometimes it can send signals stronger than words.

Non-verbal communication frequently has an extraordinary effect in transmitting messages to the audience. Outward appearance and eye movement are vital while passing on your sentiments. The expression on the face reflects certainty. On the off chance that you are in a meeting and you are not moving your eyes over every one of the members, you will neglect to include affect. You have to keep up the power of voice to coordinate the warmth of the subject. Great stance facilitates your verbal dialect. On the off chance that you have right body pose, you can without much of a stretch control your voice.

Body language communication assumes a basic part in speaking with individuals. Body language communication contains the signals and developments we make of the distinctive parts of our body when speaking with individuals. Ordinarily, non-verbal communication talks more than words. Positively, the non-verbal communication must be in sync with the words.

Points to remember:

  • Never be up tied or stiff while making movements.
  • Avoid body language that may be misunderstood or look unprofessional. E.g. Winking
  • A consistent eye contact is a positive sign and must be used
  • Avoid fiddling with things around. It may distract the attention
  • Each body part movement signifies something and helps in interpreting. E.g. Standing with hands on hips signifies aggressions, nodding signifies agreement and active listening, biting nails signifies nervousness.
  • Unlike emails, body language does not give time to think. Hence they must be used appropriately.


Positive body gestures Positive body signals are an indication of certainty and security. They are an indication of dynamic support and leave a decent impression. Positive motions incorporate:-

  • Walking upright
  • Shaking hands confidently
  • Having a pleasant face.
  • Nodding head is a positive gesture
  • A steady eye contact


Negative body gestures

Following negative signals are an indication of instability and eagerness. Such signals demonstrate an absence of certainty. Such signals ought to be maintained a strategic distance from in meetings or gatherings.

  • Being up tied
  • Biting nails
  • Getting distracted
  • Faking a smile
  • Looking at something else while talking instead of the speaker
  • Proper etiquettes should be followed.


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