Basic English : Tense Present & it's application
English Grammar: Present Tense & it’s application
October 11, 2017
Basic English: Present Continuous tense & it's application
Basic English: Present Continuous Tense & it’s application
October 13, 2017
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Do women better managers than men

Do women better managers than men

Do women better managers than men?

Do women better managers than men?

Specialty of administration is a blessing to ladies by nature. Ladies are destined to take duties and perform them faultlessly. They can undoubtedly oversee everything without a wrinkle on their forehead. We are going to discuss “Do women better managers than men?”

Do women are better managers than men’s


– Women are the ones who are expected to deal with different responsibilities from the childhood which makes them a decent multi-tasker.

– Be it administrators in the best organizations or the ones who are dealing with their homes, ladies in all zones deal with their work flawlessly.

– Women scored higher than men on the key issues of strategic drive, risk taking, people skills, aesthetics, altruism and innovation. Women equaled men in the area of emotional stability.

– Women … are ambitious, bold, mischievous, colorful and imaginative. They are more confident, competitive, and visionary and have a stronger presence.

– Their intrinsic qualities make them great directors as they are more patient in the difficult situation and can oversee circumstances with their positive mentality and quiet personality contrasted with their counter accomplices.

– They have the nature of dealing with their youngsters and are at the same time ready to focus on their profession.

Time Management Do women better managers than men?



– Women are very emotional and soft-hearted which is considered as a weakness in managing things. They are not practical about the situations.

– They may be great at overseeing things at home however this same system can’t be connected in the outer condition where they need to work for an organization.

– They may have every one of the characteristics of overseeing like strength, tolerance, understanding and so forth yet these are not by any means the only key qualities required to deal with a huge workforce or other troublesome circumstances.

– Today we have advanced a considerable measure yet there are numerous ladies who are not allowed to substantiate themselves or are not sufficiently given obligations to feature their potential.

– A lady alone won’t have the capacity to oversee things in the event that she isn’t upheld by her relatives.



We all are born with some weakness and strengths. In the same way women also have some strengths and weakness. They have the power to change their weakness into their strengths. If she does that then there is no stopping for her. Spoken English in Bhubaneswar. English Mania in Bhubaneswar

Do women better managers than men?

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