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Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake
May 31, 2018
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June 2, 2018
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Effects of Bollywood Movies

Effects of Bollywood Movies

In present time people are addicted of watching movies. There are so many movies and the bollywood movie is one of them. It makes us entertaining and gives us so many social messages. People are showing interest on watching movies especially bollywood movies create a bad impact on the audience. There are movies which inspires us to make fun, make us laugh, question etc. Here we would like to discuss Effects of Bollywood Movies on Youth.


1.It gives us some motivational thought

Most of the people think that effect of bollywood movies as always bad but actually it is not. It gives us some motivational thought inspirational thought and positive essence. Bollywood has always had immense influence on the people across the country, the actor set trends and the fans followers have of bollywood. People worship actors and fell deep connection with their charisma. If we compare the situation of bollywood movies from earlier and present era as complete different from each other. Movies are the source of popular entertainment. Every age of the people young and old literate and illiterate want recreation Re-creation is the important part of life of movies provide that avenue. The audience laugh together, appliance and share almost the same emotions. The viewers make the experience more entertaining and enjoyable.

2.Lesson of Teamwork:-

A movie is consisting of a team work. An individual person can’t manage all the activities. When this movie is applied by all each show the power of team work path. If comes across strongly across the audience as they visually experience the lesson as compare to a bookish lesson. It also gives some lesson about etiquettes and manner and to lead a team properly.

3.It educates us

Bollywood movies give us so many massive ideas above history, technology, polities and more. These disciplines are not confined to one particular region; these educate us on varying geographic structure across various time lines. Except this we can know so many creative ideas about new historical monument and some beautiful and Historic places. The uneducated also benefited from the content of the movies as he needs only eyes and not the skill to read or write to understand a literary classic mode.


1. Weastage of money and time

Time as more valuable than money so we shouldn’t waste our precious time by watching bollywood movies. It is simply wastage of money and time. If you go some luxurious theatre and some any other place to watch movie. You have to waste your time in that period of time if we invest that much time in your personal work you may get some effective result in your life.

2.Addiction of movies:-

In present scenario the people are becoming very addicted of watching movies especially bollywood movies because it is easily understandable and enjoyable. That sways specially youngsters as showing so many interests on bollywood movies. The fan followers are very enthusiastic to watch the movie in first day and first show. It is the main time for younger stars to concertize on studies and try to secure the good marks. In exam and build up their career instead of doing that they are wasting these times by watching movie and fan followers also the addiction of movies.


In this world everything has two sides i.e. positive and negative. So we should try to adapt the good, facts, messages or lessons which come across while watching movies. We shouldn’t forget that it’s just a work of fiction add it’s meant to be enjoyed rather making it a serious issue by connecting it in practical life.

Thus, you should be very conscious while choosing the exact movie to be watched. So that it will carry a positive sense of experience rather than a negative one.

Effects of Bollywood Movies on Youth

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