5 tips to crack a job interview successfully
5 tips to crack a job interview successfully
May 31, 2018
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Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake

Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake

Personal Interview is an important part of our career. There are many variety of questions generally asked. Here we are going to consider various opinion for the question”How to answer: Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake “.

Have you ever made a mistake at college or school? How did you rectify it?


In the college life, I did a big mistake in my life. Because that time I was in teen age. We all do mistakes in teen age. I also did. In that time I was very sensitive girl and also short tempered. I was having a discussion with my friend. I can’t explain what happened with me. I got angry and shouted at her. I hurt her a lot. She cried a lot and broke the friendship with me. But now I realized my mistake. Now I am a normal and funny type of girl. I don’t take things seriously to anyone and anything. We should enjoy our present life. Our present will decide future. So we shouldn’t do mistakes and stay in our present. Our future automatically will be good.

Mr. Chitanand

I was in class 7th.  I broke someone’s new pen knowingly. It was a brand new pen and the boy complained about that for which i got punishment. Then I gave him a new pen.

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I did a mistake in my school life.  I was chewing tobacco lot and I didn’t read well. I am very poor about math. I struggled a lot to overcome my problem, now I do good mathematics and I left all the bad habits of mine.


Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake: I have done a mistake in my 7th class. I stole Rs.100/- from my friends bag. Our class teacher words inspired me a lot and i am felt very guilty. I returned the money next day.

Mr. Aniket

I did a mistake when I am in the class 5. I went out from my school to watch cricket tournament without informing anyone. All searched me a lot. The school peon even came to our house to search. My whole family searched a lot. I returned home in the evening. My father and teachers everyone was so worry. I realized my mistake. My father also bit me for my mistake. I promised myself not to did any mistake like this.

Sangram Khatei

I committed a mistake when I was in my 7th class. I wrote some slang Odia words on the blackboard. For this I was also punished by class teacher. I promised myself not to do these kinds of mistakes again. I am also trying for rectifying all the mistakes committed by me in past.

Miss. Prativa Singh

“Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake” This is a good question in an interview. I had done a mistake. I argued with the teacher for a small issue. I realized that every time I don’t need to be judgmental.

Every human they made a mistake, I’m also a human being so I also do some mistake knowing or unknowing. When I was in 8th class I told lie to my mother. After knowing my fault I regret a lot & promised myself not to tell lie.

Miss. Debasmita

I am sitting in the class, the class teacher was teaching. My mind was disturbed. The teacher asked me a question and I am not able to answer it. The teacher shouted at me. I got angry and came out from my class. I ran to home to tell my mother everything. My mother made me understand the reality. I returned to school. I told sorry to my class teacher.

Miss. Ankita

Yes I did a mistake. When I was the president in my college, i argued with my juniors and motivate our seniors to beat them. But I realized my mistake and said sorry to all. Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake

Mr. Raju

When I was in class 11th, extra classes was going on, but I didn’t have any idea about that the teacher was present inside the class. I unknowingly enter into the classroom by hitting the door with my leg with high intensity. Everyone got shocked. For that I punished to stand the whole physics period outside the class. This is my answer for the question ” Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”

Miss. Aprajita

I also did a big mistake when I studied in class 9. My math teacher was solving a math on the black board he had written something by mistake. When I saw the mistake I stand up and said, sir you don’t no math. But after that I really felt very guilty and from that day to till now I didn’t comments to anyone. We are all human beings not computer. Sometime mistakes happen. We can politely ask for rectification rather than comment rudely.

Mr. Subrat

I had done a mistake in my college time. I had stolen my friend’s zoology note because she usually secured first position in the class. At that time she didn’t know that I stole her copy. In the night I felt very guilty and returned her copy next day.


I also did as well as everyone did. When I was in 10th I don’t know ‘ the value of money.  I invest Rs 10000 for playing DJ in a function. But that day I realized the value of money. Because I didn’t have money to came back to my home on that day. I need to borrow money to return.


One of my mistakes is that I stole money from my father’s purse for movies. When he got to know about it, I felt so guilty. I realised that I shouldn’t have done that.

P Sanjay Kumar

Last month I committed a mistake with my best friends and we didn’t  talk to each other for a few days then I realised  my mistake and admitted my fault  saying  sorry to him then which made us more comfortable to meet each other.

Ritarani Patra

When I was in standard 7th I got to know that my father was suffering from cancer, then he went to Mumbai for treatment. After treatment when he came back due to the after therapy he used to irritate on me. But I couldn’t understand his situation properly and I reacted on him back, even did arguments without understanding him. But After 5 years, He passed away. But I still regret for my behavior.


Well, I remember When went to face my first interview, I was quite nervous that time even I didn’t remember my name. This is one of my memorable and embarrassing mistakes I have ever committed in my life so far.


Last year when I was travelling to Puri by a bus I had forgotten my phone in the bus and I lost it along with all my identity cards and ATM due to my careless attitude I think this was a big mistake for me.

Madhusmita Behera

When I was in the school at that time I had forgotten my exam time table. As I had no idea about that, I prepared for math when the exam was  on history the same day. Thank god somehow I crossed that level.

Tell me about a time you made a mistake

Rubina Behura

Mistake is a common thing that is made every person. While I was studying in 6th class I quarreled with my senior and it became a great issue. Even it had turned as  an argument between juniors and seniors. Juniors were supporting me, and then seniors complained against me  to our head teacher, he punished us. It was the big mistake of mine.


My first mistake in my life is that one day I stole  money from my father pockets. They always knew about that but they didn’t say anything to me. One day I realised that, they knew about that but why didn’t they scold me. So since that day stopped stealing money from my father’s pocket.


3 years back I had some health issues for which someone suggested me a doctor for visiting. But going to that doctor was the biggest mistake of my life for which I’m still suffering.


Once I have committed a mistake. My father always advised me not to ride bike on fast speed. But, I ignored his advice. Once, I had a narrow escape from a bike accident because of my training which was provided by my father. At that time, I realized that the words of my father were true.


One of my mistakes was a small misunderstanding broke a good friendship with my true friend. But the moment I came to know the reality behind that, I really felt very disappointed and guilty that I was unable to identify the right person. Thus, I lost my true and loyal friend for a mere miscommunication. This is my view for the question “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”

Prativa Singh

When I look into my past. There was a mistake in my +3 life .I was very emotionally hurt and disappointed my father because I was influenced by bad company. Now I realize that my father is my favorite human being. I always pay respect & love my father a lot.


I always commit a mistake whenever I don’t listen to my parents later on I regret at my decision of not listening to them.

Supriya Dalei

Most of the time I have committed mistakes in my life. I feel very bad when someone gets hurt by my mistakes. When I make any mistake I try to overcoming from that and each and every time I get an opportunity to learn many new things from my mistakes.


I commit lots of mistakes many times, and I always regret for this. I honestly never ever want to repeat my mistakes and want to do better.  But, I feel that admitting my mistakes makes me learn lots of things from it.

Subrat Deo

I have committed many mistakes in my life. Among all these, one mistake that I did was not obeying my father’s wisdom and training while riding bike. When my father trained or taught me how to ride bike and used to tell me about the precautions that one should take while riding bike such as keeping focus on the front, not to get distracted while riding, ride within permissible limits, etc. But, I took it casually which led me to meet with an accident. From that day onwards, I started taking care of my father’s tips which he imparted on me during my training. Now I drive carefully and try to follow the instructions of my father.

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Here we discussed some possible answer about”Tell me about a time you made a mistake”

Here we discuss the Personal Interview Question “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake

How to crack personal interview ?

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