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October 16, 2015
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Reservations in the Private Sector

n my point of view the reservation what the govt has made is correct. As of now I didn’t see any backward people to grow up even they don’t have money to make admissions at higher courses, so even their parents told them to make courses like the Arts commerce because they have problem with money and they don’t have form to work in the fields so in that situation what those people gonna do?

The backward people from the ancient season to 20th century they abused/discarded from the upper caste people they put outside from the village or respective fields. The upper caste people they don’t provide water, food, and untouchability in such situation some people go for suicide to remove this Dr. Ambedkar had written such constitution to our Indians which is best constitution in the world and they provide reservation for lower caste people. And some articles like right to equality all these protected the lower caste people.

So, finally I conclude that reservation is good for backward people and this is also make on based on annual income of their parents. However every one should have income certificate.

Or:- In other Point of View

In my opinion reservation is not done on the basis of caste system but it is done on the basis of financial condition and physical disability because people who are physically challenged and if they give their best then by reservation they will get extra opportunity so that in their life don’t face the negative circumstances.

And if we do reservation on the basis of caste system then person who are belong to general category if they are physically challenged and they are good in academic background then they have to face so many challenges in their life because of reservation and person belong to SC, ST, OBC.

And if they are physically good and they are not good in their education then they will enjoy this opportunity and by this also our country remain backward because they don’t get talented mind by this our can’t country progress.

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