Educational qualification for Politicians

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Educational qualification for Politicians

Politician need to be educated but as for me I prefer to say that political need skills, knowledge and experience to make decision.

We need a qualify leader not a educated one, see will elect a doctor, engineering etc to participate in polities. But if will want to say we say that he is educated person, but he did not know any thing about polities. To be educated is difference from having experience and knowledge about government.

As for me education is for everybody, we need a politician that know all the history of our country. May god help all our politician.

Or :- In other Side

From my side, it is mandatory for the every politician to have minimum qualifications, that may be graduation level or master degree. Because it was the old time when if the politician is not well educated, we say that its ok as the leader has the capability to lead the people.

But now a days as literacy percentages increase day by day the politician should have minimum educational qualification, otherwise he or she can’t understand the present world situation, the technical demand of people besides their basic needs.

Many times it is happen that most of the meritorious student involve themselves in the public sector job and common level students leads our nation. From my side the student have the ability to think for the nation should come forward for the development of our nation.

Or:- In Other point of time…

I don’t believe that education is necessary for a person to be a good politician. Instead of being educated you need to be a knowledgeable, Knowledge is not going to come form book. It comes from moral values.

Let’s take an example nowadays kinds even operating a computer for the fun purpose so the thing is that they don’t even study about it, but then know how to operates it and if we talk about a few decades ago the normal people don’t knows about it.

So the thing is that if you have to do something you don’t need to be educated, you need to be more knowledgeable. If I start giving an example of ordinary person like Sachin Tendulkar they are not educated they have the skills.

Educational qualification for Politicians

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