Should we change the present system of education in our country?

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October 30, 2015
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November 6, 2015
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Should we change the present system of education in our country?

A good education system keeps the foundation of prosperity and success for the country. If a country wants to be independent and economically well then it needs to check the education system which it is following.

Should we change the present system of education in our country?


– There is need for more innovation in the education system.
– More advanced technologies should be used in this sector in order to compete with other countries.
– More and more amendments should be done to make students more physically fit and mentally strong.
– Schools and institutes should focus more on the development of an individual.
– Schools and institutes with education should teach values and manners.


– The system is automatically changing and including new and moder options to help students to improve their skills.
– The curriculum has already included the improvements like “balanced textbooks” and they try to make it more interactive.
– Current education trends are using more technological programs to help students grow and to increase their memory.
– Lots of programs is been conducted to help students to grow mentally and professionally.

According to me the curriculum needs a revision on the prospects they are providing in their education system to strengthen it more.

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Hello everyone

Well yes at some points I feel that our present education system should have some changes in it….

I think for subjects like History and other social subjects there should be films made on it and not textbooks for the kids…. The stories which we have in books related to history is difficult to mug-up, but if at the same time we see a movie related to history we tend to remember things better… so i guess this will somehow make things better for the students………..

Another thing i feel that entrance exams are not on Par for all the students who hail from different study background, like students from commerce, arts, science have different subjects in their college… so basically while giving entrance exams science students come-up with strong mathematical skills and arts students with a good knowledge of English(All thanks to English literature) and coming to the commerce students they just focus on accounts related subjects in 3 years and finally end up by knowing very little or completely nothing about either maths or eng or sometimes both…
I therefore feel that there is no uniformity in entrance exams… so the education department should come with something which will make things on PAR for all the students

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I want to say to change only two things “Teaching style and examination pattern” in education sector, you will get all the things. Rote learning and pressure of examination based on reproduction of materials kills the creativity of the children. Their brain slowly slowy believe that the things in books is only correct and loose confidence in own thinking and creativity. In brief, we are producing robotics brain who can only “re – search” solutions, not “research”. And that’s the main problem. These robotics brains needs a casual training for routine jobs for employment, instead of thinking how to solve problem, robotics brains blames to others and when they got chance to improve situations, they are unsure how to – “Because of lack of Critical Thinking and confidence on his own thinking”.

Grow everyone as donkey – you will never get lion.
Grow everyone as lion – you will get sufficient number of lions.

Grow children as a rote learner – you will never get “right” at “right place”
Grow children as critical thinker — you will get everything “creative & better” at most of time.

The right policy – “stop the rote learning and examination based upon it. Generate Critical thinking and problem solving skills”

The right politics – “Don’t judge based upon memorization skills and do not interfere in children learning process, instead increase their thinking skills and encourage them to find out the solutions themselves. Don’t play dirty politics of marks and no admission”

The right training – “Generate Curiosity, Develop Critical thinking, Encourage for innovative solutions.”

You will able to solve more than 50% problem of India, when these children become youth and start to work for country.

Should we change the present system of education in our country?

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