Chocolate Or Biscuits, Which is good
Chocolate Or Biscuits, Which is good
January 2, 2018
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Private job vs Government job- A Comparison
January 4, 2018
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Freedom of press and media should exist


Freedom of Press and Media should exist or not. This is a very tough topic in present scenario. Press or Media is playing a vital role in our society. To bring awareness among the people this is a best platform.

Here we are going to discuss that whether  Freedom of Press and Media should exist or not.

Freedom Should Exist

  • At whatever point “press” is known about, the quick idea is news and updates!
  • At the point when the essential employment of press is to report news, there ought to be no control.
  • India is a democratic nation. The media and press ought to be given every one of the rights to distribute reality. Thus individuals won’t be blind folded.
  • It is said that voice of press is voice of open. No flexibility given to press is surprising everyone.
  • Media creates alertness about social issues. This brings panic in individuals.
  • In this period of such huge numbers of scientific or technical advances, press can’t be limited of what should be exposed. Their essential employment is to educate individuals about updates.
  • Press raises social and religious issues; it enables residents to understand their moral obligations.

Freedom Shouldn’t Exist

  • Media is known to make only publicity!
  • The publicity and excitement made by media can hurt feeling of many individuals.
  • The vast majority of the issues secured by media are that of entertainment like Bollywood, Hollywood and about political people. The most vital issues of agriculturists, poverty take a secondary preference.
  • To build more rating of the daily papers, entertainment from movies are given more significance.
  • If not controlled, it may bring issues like inter community confusion, violent behaviour amongst youth etc.
  • Domestic issues and crimes are over hyped that may provoke childish children
  • Local issues and crimes are over advertised that may provoke children.
  • The utilization of words and superlatives might be exciting for a substantial number of individuals.


To outline, anything in surplus can be hurtful. If the media knows where to draw a line there will be no requirement for any limitation. In the event that the substance composed is fitting and does not hurt any group, flexibility to media ought to be given.

Social media is killing book reading habit!

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