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Do we really need smart cities?


The rate of migration from rural to urban areas is increasing across the world day by day. By 2050, around 70% of the people will be living in cities and India is no exception in this regard.

There is an emerging need for the cities to get smarter in India so that it would tackle the issues related with the large scale urbanization.

Smart city can be defined as a city which should be equipped with basic infrastructure to give a decent quality of life.

Recently, PM Modi has announced his vision to set up around 100 smart cities across the nation. The 100 smart city mission tend to promote the adoption of smart solutions for the proper use of available resources and infrastructure.

But, does a country like India require a smart cities? Let’s take a look.

Yes – Smart cities are required.

1. Good infrastructure – The main aim of constructing a smart city is to provide good infrastructure to the residents, such as water and sanitation services, 24*7electricity supply etc. The information will be collected through the detectors – gas, electricity and other government analytics, which will be carefully complied into small grids and then, will be fed into the computers. This process can focus on making the city eeficient.

2. Smart solutions – Smart cities are required as it would also provide smart solutions such as providing public data, electronic service delivery, 100% treatment of water waste, monitoring water quality etc.

3. Promotes development – Smart cities enhance the developmental activities of a region. A lot of developmental activities such as building schools, organizations, shopping malls can take place. These activities benefit everybody including citizens, businesses, government and environment.

4. Housing for All – The main aim of a smart city is “housing for all”. More than 70% of the Indian population would be living in cities by 2050. Due to the rising urbanization, a better standard of living is required. To support this rising shift, a sustainable model of housing should be developed.

5. Provides employment – A smart city is an economy of agglomeration. It provides various opportunities and advantages to its residents. India is expanding rapidly and the emergence of smart city can provide employment for many. The construction of a smart city requires a lot of manpower.

No – Smart cities are not required

1. Dumb administration – The politicians of India have picked up the term “smart city” to woo the youngsters. In the past few months, we have witnessed the real face of the corrupt ministers who rule our country. Corruption has become a part of our country’s identity. Talking about a smart city and creating a plan under the corrupt minsters is a waste of time and resources. Smart city is not possible with a set of dumb administrators and politicians.

2. Unable to afford – In a smart city, people have to build their own houses according to their financial capacity. A lot of people would not be able to afford a place in smart city as it would be very costly. Thus, people from middle class and poor section of the society won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart city.

3. Better utilization of places – A large acre of leand would be wasted for the construction of a smart city. If properly utilized, this area can be turned into a biodiversity park later on. Cities which are rich in river beds and hilly regions can be utilized to avoid ecological degeneration.

4. Proper use of fund – India is a country which is better known for its increasing poverty rate. Only a certain part of the city would be utilized for constructing a smart city whereas, the other part of the city would be still under the shadow of poverty. We should understand that smart city won’t be able to solve the basic issues of an entire state or city. If the fund which is planned to be spent for a smart city is utilized for decreasing the poverty rate, India would be much ahead of other countries.


India is a developing country and the Modi government is trying its best to develop India into a powerful nation.

Introducing the concept of smart cities in India is a great idea but due to increasing poverty rate, lack of infrastructure and basic amenities, the cities might have to face a lot of challenges. Before initiating the project, the government should try to attend to the basic issues of the nation such as implementing a proper drainage system, providing good water, sanitation and health care facilities etc.

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