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February 21, 2015
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Cricket should be the National Game of India

IPL has started and along with it the people have changed their work schedules to watch the IPL matches. Cricket fever is one people’s mind and it is not for the first time. Indians are die hard fan of cricket. Whenever there is a series, they forget all their tasks just to watch cricket. Does this means that Cricket should be the national game of India?


• Change is the law of nature. If it is what the local citizens of India demands, then the change should be welcomed.

• People feel much more connected with the cricket and find it more entertaining than hockey.

• If you look for overall craze of Indian citizens for any sport then it is for cricket only. Cricketers are treated like God in Indian.

• People often blame that government don’t make any efforts to encourage other supports. But if the local people don’t support it then no efforts are useful.

• Cricketers are rich and famous, and pay a large sum of money in taxes. It all comes from the game of cricket.


• If cricket is made as national game of India then it will directly discourage the inclination towards other game.

• It will greatly hurt the sentiments of the hockey players. It will give a wrong message to the other sports too.

• Future can never be known by anyone. Today cricket is famous but if tomorrow some other sport will be famous then again people can demand to change the national game.

• It is the media, government and people who are responsible to make other games popular. It is not that hockey and football have no fans, they do have, but there is no proper source to encourage the other games.

• Cricket is the national game of England. So in one way are we making ourselves the complete slaves of British culture?


If cricket is made the national game of India then there will be no additional benefit that cricket will get. Also, it will not have any impact on the cricket fans. But definitely making cricket as a national game will attract a lot of criticism from many other areas. It will give a wrong message to the youngsters and will hurt the spirit of game. Therefore, it makes no sense in making Cricket as our national game.

GD Topic with Answer-English Mania in GD Topic with Answer-English Mania

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