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Women are better managers

Art of management is a gift to women by nature. Women are born to take responsibilities and perform them flawlessly. They can easily manage everything without a crease on their forehead.

– Women are the ones who are expected to handle various responsibilities from the childhood which makes them a good multi-tasker.
– Be it managers in the top companies or the ones who are managing their homes, women in all areas manage their work flawlessly.
– Their inherent qualities make them good managers as they are more patient in the difficult situation and are able to manage situations with their positive attitude and calm mind compared to their counter partners.
– They have the quality of managing their children and are simultaneously able to concentrate on their career.

– Women are very emotional and soft hearted which is considered as a weakness in managing things. They are not practical about the situations.
– They might be good at managing things at home but this same strategy cannot be applied in the external environment where they have to work for an organization.
– They might have all the qualities of managing like courage, patience, understanding etc but these are not the only key qualities required to manage a vast workforce or other difficult situations.
– Today we have progressed a lot but there are many women who are not given a chance to prove themselves or are not given enough responsibilities to showcase their potential.
– A woman alone won’t be able to manage things if she is not supported by her family members.

We all are born with some weakness and strengths. In the same way women also have some strengths and weakness. They have the power to change their weakness into their strengths. If she does that then there is no stopping for her.

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