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September 21, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us

Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us

Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us


Indian villages constitute almost 70% of Indian population. This is a fact tells us that how important are villages in a developing economy like India. But whether they are India’s strength or weakness is a point of concern. Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us?


    • Villages are definitely the backbone of our country. Agriculture is the main occupation of India with almost 60% of the population dependent either directly or indirectly on it. And as an agriculture dependent country, our power definitely lies in villages.

  • Due to biological advancement green revolution has actually expanded in real terms. India is able to stay alive just because of its villages. Villages have also played a very vital role in maintaining the ecological balance.
  • Unemployment has also reached record lows, because of various govt Program which assures employment for all villagers for at least 100 days. Most of the social problems such as Infanticide, untouchability and Child labour have disappeared today.
  • Villages also stand as a symbol of traditional and cultural values that India is known for in the world. Lots of foreigners are travelling to India getting attracted by our culture. ISKON is a world famous society.
  • Village atmosphere is a place where we can find peace, no noise pollution and togetherness.

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  • Nobody is denying the statement that India will not survive without villages. The actual point of this discussion is to decide whether villages are our strength or not. Yes, agriculture has developed since independence. But, its development has been very small compared to the development India has seen in services or manufacturing.
  • The development in agriculture is only about 2% while the other segments such as manufacturing are considering development in double digits. Again, villages are considered to be weak because of the level of social problems widespread. Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment are all far above the ground in villages.
  • Child labour is still common in India. Poverty rate has not altered much. Almost one third of the total population are struggling to earn a square meal in a day and most of this people live in the villages. The lack of basic health facilities in villages makes India look like a weak nation.
  • Many foreigners still recognize India to be a nation of snake charmers. Today, one of the most important points of concern is the lack of proper water services. This has made many villagers leave agriculture and go towards cities for a living.


Villages are absolutely a significant fraction of our economy with more than 70% of the population live in villages. They are accountable for the making of food, milk and milk stuff without which our country will not be able to live. The company of industries in villages adds to the fact that they are the centres of economic activity. Such important villages have to be our strengths for our country to grow rapidly. But many difficulties have stopped this from happening. Some prime reasons contain poverty, absence of basic health facilities, lack of technology and infrastructure. Though the government has taken many steps to progress the condition, a lot has to be enhanced. The migration of villagers to cities has also been a potential trouble. The government has to take adequate steps to stop this and inspire people to employ in agriculture. Only then can our villages be conserved and only then can they turn into our right strengths.Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us?

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