Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us
Indian Village is our Strength or Weakness for us?
September 29, 2017
gst is good or bad for common man in india
GST is good or bad for common man in india
October 6, 2017
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Is lion has capability to surpass the dragon without wings

Is lion has capability to surpass the dragon without wings

Now days the relationship between India and china is a most probable topic in group discussion because around all over the world every leader, economist, business man and institutions are watching every steps taking by china and India. chain is the biggest country in population second in economy and foreign reserve and India second in place of population and the fastest growing economy in the world, most of product and services all over the world is provided by this two country so the impact is very high and will be affect every nation in this world if something wrong or anything good happens between this two nation.

In a group discussion there is talk’s agents the topics and in favor of the topic following are the discussion points which will give you some short idea about this topic.

Is lion has capability to surpass the dragon without wings

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Points for China/against India:

Infrastructure Development: When it comes to infrastructure development, India is way behind China, both in terms of quality and quantity. China spends about 11% of its GDP on infrastructure development, as compared to 6% of the GDP spent in India. Not only Chinese government but also their local people are making efforts for developing their infrastructure. Big infrastructure always attracts western investor and it represents country image much better.

Economic Growth: currently Chinese economy is the world’s fastest growing and second big economy in the world and the reason behind this china is more focus on their domestic product. But India is more depends on imports and the current infrastructure of India in not capable to increase the export part so in economic growth case India now way behind china.

Inflation Control:  Infatuation is a great problem in India and this is due to farming totally depends on monsoon, 60 percent of cold storage are not properly working and market control is not completely controlled by government. But Chinese government taking drastic action for controlling inflation so in this aspect Indian government has to take some long term steps.

Women Empowerment: social mentality have to change for working women, in a nation like India there is 48 percent of population is female and about 25 percent of them are young and capable to work but maximum of them are not working due social issue. But in china not just economic performance, China is ahead of India when it comes to social causes as well. Recent studies have ranked China at No.61 in terms of gender equality as against India’s 113 among 134 nations. In another attribute – economic empowerment of women – China is holds the No.50 spot, compared to India’s 131 today.

Points against China / for India:

Average Worker age: About 20 years ago, the average age of a worker in China was 23. That is now the age of the average worker in India today, while the average age of a worker in China has risen to 37. So India’s now young, dynamic, and maybe somewhat undisciplined, workforce is at the same age and in similar numbers to China’s 20 years back.

Chinese model of Political Business:  In china stock markets, 90 percent of the listed companies are either partially or wholly state owned. China’s banks continue providing millions of dollars into its State Owned Enterprises, and are continue to do so as many government officials are far from impartial when it comes to their financial involvement in these companies. Business therefore, in China, is politicized, which works against the very basic of business ethics.

Less balanced growth: peoples of china well known for their consumption of domestic product, China is too dependent on exports and investment for its growth. According to experts in economics always say it needs to increase the role of private consumption to make growth and more balanced: in a country and china just doing this. In this case, India is already where China wants to be. Consumer spending plays a much bigger role in India’s most people in India consume imported product but if this ratio slightly come down then it will be very good for India due to a perfect balance between import and export.

Communism in China:  A communist country is not very safe for any foreign investor any time the asset can be taken from them if needed so a democratic nation is the first option. In China, decision making takes place at the top. There are inevitable frailties in a non-democratic system because mistakes are hard to correct. There is little recourse for victims of injustice. It has been seen that Chinese are willing to sacrifice human rights for the sake of an extra percentage point or two of GDP growth. Banning companies and media etc. do not show the signs of a healthy trade-friendly nation that China claims it is.

Chinese economic: The Indian rupee is largely market determined. It depreciates and appreciates depending on the market. But Chinese yuan is very fluctuation and controlled by their government according to the rate of export. When the rate of export is high they increase yuan value high they also regulate and keep record very suspicious from the world about their loans to country’s having world issues. Many news agency and NGOs many times brings this topic in front of world.


Unlike China, for India any hope of growing faster depends on harnessing the private sector entrepreneurial talent which has always been there but was stifled for a long time. This requires a less interventionist government but a better regulatory regime. India will remain a soft state, a consensual polity. Although it has not been able of keeping sustained growth at the sort of rates which China has attained, India is the country that has been able to provide current account convertibility to its currency whereas China has so far been afraid of doing so. To stay a stable and peaceful society, India has all the ingredients.  The lion has capability to surpass the dragon without wings.

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