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Is the youth of India confident or confused?
September 2, 2017
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Allowing Homeopaths to practice allopathic medicine should be a welcome move?
September 6, 2017
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interlinking of rivers in india advantages and disadvantages

interlinking of rivers in India advantages and disadvantages


Interlinking of Rivers is only joining the waterways of the nation by systems of canals and reservoirs and lakes. Interlinking of waterways in India was proposed surprisingly amid British Colonial run the show. The principle intention of the proposition was to decrease the transportation cost of crude materials and completed items.

The Indian Government has built up the National Water Development Agency to think about the interlinking of streams under the Ministry of Water Resources. Many states have proposed for interlinking of waterways because of shortage of water in their states and thus the focal government is taking a shot at a couple of undertakings.

interlinking of rivers in india advantages and disadvantages

Indeed – It will diminish the neediness and surges and convey water similarly

  1. India gets the vast majority of its rain amid rainstorm season from June to September, the greater part of it falls in northern and eastern piece of India, the measure of precipitation in southern and western part are nearly low. It will be these spots which will have deficiency of water. Interlinking of streams will help these territories to have water consistently.
  2. The primary control of provincial India is horticulture and if storm bombs in a year, at that point farming exercises grind to a halt and this will disturb country destitution. Interlinking of streams will be a viable answer for this issue, on the grounds that the water can be put away or water can be exchanged from water surplus territory to shortage.
  3. The  Basin, Brahmaputra bowl sees surges practically consistently. With a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from this, the water from these ranges must be occupied to different zones where there is shortage of water. This can be accomplished by connecting the waterways. There is a two route advantage with this – surges will be controlled and shortage of water will be lessened.
  4. Interlinking of waterways will likewise have business significance on a more drawn out run. This can be utilized as inland conduits and which helps in quicker development of merchandise from one place to other.
  5. Interlinking makes another occupation for individuals living in and around these channels and it can be the principle ranges of angling in India.

No – It will natural issues, biological lopsidedness and decrease water table

  1. Interlinking of streams will cause colossal measure of mutilation in the current condition. To make trenches and supplies, there will be mass deforestation. This will have affect on downpours and thusly influence the entire cycle of life.
  2. Usually streams alter their course and course in around 100 years and if this occurs in the wake of interlinking, at that point the venture won’t be achievable for a more extended run.
  3. Due to interlinking of streams, there will be diminish in the measure of crisp water entering oceans and this will make a genuine risk the marine life framework and will be a noteworthy biological debacle.
  4. Due to the making of Canals and Reservoirs, tremendous measure of range which is involved by the general population will be submerged prompting relocation of individuals and government should spend more to restore these individuals.
  5. The sum required for these activities is huge to the point that legislature should take advances from the remote sources which would expand the weight on the administration and nation will fall in an obligation trap.


Interlinking of streams is unquestionably a decent answer for the shortage of water, yet interlinking needs to occur after a nitty gritty examination so that does not make any issue the earth or sea-going life.

Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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