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September 1, 2017
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Youth of India Confused or Confident

Youth of India Confused or Confident


It’s a hot topic now-a-days that “Youth of Indian confident or confused”. India is developing. Our PM Narendra Modi is running lots of skill development programmes to make the youth employable. Concept of smart cities have brought internet very near to us. What’s app, Face book have brought people very closer. Social media is playing a very vital role.

Still after completing education Indian youths are searching for jobs. Which is the right platform for them to make their career? They are not able to decide.  Few youths are very good. Rather than a job taker, they became job givers. With new ideas they are creating companies or starting a new venture.

Here we will discuss both prospective of youth of India “confident or confused”. Let’s start

Youth of India Confident

All Youths need education then they can take good decisions. What to do and what not to do, if parents are not happy with their goals, please try to convince them, explain and show your interest. The attitude is believable, and then no one stops you. But everyone needs some directions and suggestions, after listening each one can identify. His drawbacks, try to avoid them, and do hard working than success automatically bonds with you. That makes a youth perfect & confident.

In the 21st century Youths are so ambitious and enthusiastic that they choose their field of study which they want to pursue and go accordingly. Youths are very much aware and confident about whatever they are doing in their lives. Sometimes it might happen that they might make mistakes, but rather than dwelling on their mistakes they learn from it and try to move on. One such example is Sushant Singh Rajput who first joined Engineering, but then he realised that his main talent is acting so then he started modelling, done TV shows and now he great actor in Bollywood.

As youth is a pack of energy to a country. They are confident in situations when they are given chance to choose their interest of work then they are committed towards it.

Confused youth or confident youth is not present only in India, They are present as well as all over the world. If someone appreciates the youth then they feel confident. Assume whenever one need advice or answer. He has to go someone to get solutions. Some kind person gets us what we have to need and we will have to do then. We got success because of that advice. Then we feel confident. Whereas if someone demoralises us. Give us wrong advice so we feel confused. We should choose the right person for taking advice. Rather than always consulting our own parents. Parents aren’t having all the knowledge.

Most of the youth of India are more confident to bring reforms and take this country at next advanced level. Because they are in a phase where they have just finished their studies or they are in the learning phase. On the basis academic curriculum they have learnt so many new skills and they might have some creative ideas which they are willing to imply it in betterment of India.

Indian youth are Confident because they have modern technology to use like Computer etc. The new technologies and opportunities have given them new strength where they yield new ideas and gather knowledge which equips them to compete in today’s world. They complete their work easily and being busy.

Youth of India Confused or Confident

Youth of India Confused

“Youth of India confident or confused” Some youths are very confident about their future. Their Aim is very clear that they want to go in a career in which they are genuinely interested. Some people follow the trend which is guided by parents and teachers without thinking about their interest. So for these types of youth, we can say that they are confused.

Youths of India are confused about a career. Most of the students are studying the subjects, which is followed by most of the youths & also forced by their guardians. They don’t follow their own interest. A survey was conducted that most of the B-Tech students don’t fulfill the requirement of a software company. Due to lack of knowledge, they are removed from the company. If the youth of India can choose their own field of interest and accomplish their work in a proper way on time they will succeed in life & transform to Confident.

Indian youths are confused at all, but due to lack of opportunities they are deviated from their goal and people called them as confused.
Lack of opportunities in India is due to reservation, flatter, bribery, political pressure. Under pressure youth change their mind-set and change their future goal. Let’s give me an example two students got selected for one specific post, the higher authorities says to them “give the money and take the job”. The youth of India is confused about their career, education, life and they are confused with their interest also.


It is due to the newly created society; here everyone wants to use shortcuts to get success to his/ her life. The students are confident at starting in his career but as time passes their ambition get change due to several reasons like not securing good marks, got fail, less marks in competitive exams. Then, at this point they become frustrated and confused about what to do to cope up with this problem so if they got proper attention with their parents and society they gain confidence again and make new ambition. But this is possible by the positive response of the parents, society and then they surely get success and never be confused and always be confident.

Quality Indian Goods Vs. Cheap Chines Goods

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