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August 30, 2017
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Is the youth of India confident or confused?
September 2, 2017
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India Goods Vs. Chinese goods


Quality Indian goods Vs. Cheap Chines goods  is always a point of debate.  Indian manufacturing sector is developing. Our PM Narendra Modi’s slogan ‘Make in India’ is some how creating a positive movement in our country. Chinese products are very cheap and longevity is very  less also.

Here we will discuss whether Chinese goods or Indian goods are effective in terms of quality, environmental effects etc. Let’s discuss opinions of various people in this topic.


Chinese Goods are Good:

We all know that Chinese goods are cheaper cause it is produced on a large scale thus reducing the cost of an item per unit hence making it affordable for everyone.

China also lowers the value of many goods it sells to first capture a market and then strategically raises the price later. However, we must understand that market research done by China is such that it dumps cheaper, low-value goods into India. While it also produces high-value goods or spare parts for other countries.

while one must avoid Chinese goods for bettering our economy, for the poor and lower middle-class Indians the Chinese products provide better value for money.

Dependency on China

All countries depend on China. There are electronic things are available at cheap rate. If you use Indian product, most of the things in that are made in China.

For e.g. Computer. Indian economy also depends on China, as a government takes GST on Chinese products as well as we get employment due to China. If we have to make India digital, it’s very necessary to stay connected with China.

If we ban Chinese goods Indian goods prices can be done higher and customers will have no choice to buy at higher price poor people can not do anything in such conditions but if rich people don’t like Chinese goods they can buy Indian goods.

However, Chinese good is important for poor people and banning Chinese goods will also effect relationship between India and China and we can become weaker against Pakistan and our other enemies.Even most durable and stationery invented by Chinese.

Indian Goods are good

Chinese Goods doesn’t carry a guarantee or warranty and are manufactured in bulk hence cheaper prices.

As we know Indian products are known for the quality, if we start to produce the goods in the large amount then it will be good to provide employments and also exportation will be increased from our country.

we prefer Indian goods because.

1. Guarantee which is not given in chinese goods.
2. Better life of material.
3. To support make in India.
4. Employment in our country.

W should use Indian goods. As we know that Indian is a developing country and like China we are also coming with cheap and advanced goods. However, as on today Chines products are dumped in Indian markets

The Chinese market has conquered our Indian market. The Chines goods are technically advanced and cheap hence the dependency.

But now we should take a step against these as the citizen of India we should not use Chinese goods and slowly this we make the end of Chinese market from our country. And it will make us so proud.



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