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September 2, 2016
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MNC Culture is a boon or curse for the country


MNCs are all we know when we talk of employment and job opportunities. MNCs have opened a wide ray of scope to the Indians especially the monetary aspect which has given a high level of living standard for our citizens. Though many of us have this point of view, still there are many others who think conversely. MNCs have equally made the worse of our men and our economy. This aspect is equally true and do have many valid points to favour the same. Lets us check whether the MNC culture is a boon or curse for the country.


– MNCs are mostly lucrative due to their high salary offer and additional perks. This is what Indians are looking for in today’s era to have more and more money to fill their bank accounts and make them financially sound.

– MNCs do have employee support in the form of transportation facilities and cafetarias to compensate the odd working hours. They also provide the employee friendly policies for the better relationship between the organization and the employees.

– Indians could get along the globalization and match their pace with the world only after the em of the MNCs and their culture into the Indian markets.

– Youth today have a very modern outlook with respect to their eating habits, clothing, language and interactive ability and almost every aspect of the personality growth.

– Work culture has improved to a very good extent with a enhanced productivity for the organization only with the MNC culture in India.


– MNCs are a major reason for the brain drain in the country. Our master minds are working for the appraisal for some other country leaving back their own nation in the paths of darkness.

– MNCs into the India is nothing but an initiation of slow and progressive economic slavery to the foreign nations.

– We have lost much of the entrepreneur skills with the emergence of the MNCs

– We have lost our wealth of manpower for accomplishing the tasks and service to the citizens of foreign countries.

– Youth today have lost their patriotic feel while flowing into the MNC culture. They don’t possess any due respect for the country.

– We have lost our culture and values in the mist of MNCs culture and westernization. Our rich culture has lost its charm and our uniqueness has been doomed down in the shades.

– MNC culture has given rise to rotational shifts and work culture round the clock which has given rise to ‘n’ number of new diseases.


Though we can give many arguments to favour the MNC culture in India, still we cannot deny the fact that it has overshadowed our rich culture, civilization, respect and human values. Even if we keep apart these abstract emotions, the MNCs haven’t left us healthy enough to enjoy the wealth that we earn from their lucrative salary and the incentives. All we have today is gloominess with pockets filled with hot cash. Our life style has modernised and standard of living has raised, but we lack time to enjoy all these stuff. Thus, the MNCs are no more than a curse for our country.

MNC Culture is a boon or curse for the country

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