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Which is better Urban or Rural, Urban life vs Rural life in india
December 6, 2017
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December 8, 2017
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Homework is good or bad


The homework debate session has been raging for many decades or years, with no end till now.  Among the people there is also the tough question of just how much homework should be given to students or the candidates. Parents, educators, students and indeed the general public have all been deeply divided over the homework issue for a long time.  It seems as though the numbers are slowly growing up.  Some schools in the world have a no homework policy.  The French president Francois Hollande proposed a no homework policy last year in his plans for educational reform in his country. He thinks that students do not have time for playing when it comes to the matter of homework. The experts also disagree over the advantages and disadvantages of homework exist everywhere.

Homework is good or bad


  • Homework helps to consolidate and clarify doubts what was learned during the school day.
  • It gives practice with content, ideas and develop skill set.
  • Homework enhances execution or performance in standardised tests.
  • It is an extension of class work that allows students to achieve mastery of the content or skills to be learned
  • It is an expansion of classwork that enables students to accomplish mastery of the subject learnt in school
  • Students do not have enough time during the day to fully understand all the information they are given.
  • Students don’t have enough time amid the day to completely understand all the information  they are given in school or college.
  • Homework encourages repetition learning.
  • It gives guardians a chance to perceive what their kids are doing at school.
  • Homework teaches self-restraint, time administration or management and research abilities.
  • It lessens time for TV and computer games and promotes good study habits.
  • It expands enthusiasm for schoolwork when it is corrected quickly


  • Homework must be corrected rapidly or students get frustrated and lose interest or intrigue
  • It can be excessively burdensome and stressful.
  • Homework disturbs family life and prevents students from doing family chores.
  • Parents or relatives many times do the homework for the student.
  • Students require time to relax, play and pursue sports and hobbies.
  • Homework can make students too tired after a long day at school nearly 5 to 6 hours.

  • It keeps them up too late at night, which has very bad effect on health.
  • Homework is often meaningless or aimless  busywork which does not advance genuine learning.
  • Students from middle- and high-class society have better resources to help them with homework like internet. So the real learning never happens.


At last, instructors ought not to  overburden students with homework. There should always be sensible homework timetables or calendars and homework ought to be age suitable. In lower grade schools homework ought to be light. It can be expanded in higher school on a sliding scale as the student’s advances through the school. It can run from one hour or somewhat less every night in the lower school, to three hours or somewhat more every night in the upper school.

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