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November 30, 2017
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Which is better Urban or Rural, Urban life vs Rural life in india

Which is better Urban or Rural, Urban life vs Rural life in india

Which is better Urban or Rural, Urban life vs Rural life in india

Which is better Urban or Rural, Urban life vs Rural life in india


In India, a area is considered to be a village or a rural area when the population density per square kilometre is 400, it has clear demarcated boundaries without a municipal board or specification, and 75% of the working population is engaged in agriculture, or any of the cottage industries, fishing or pottery and its related activities for a livelihood. In India approximately 72% of the population lives in the rural area, in approximately 50,000 villages are present in India.

Urban area in India, constituting cities and satellite cities, Tier I, Tier –II or Tier III cities includes any region with a very high population density of more than 400 persons per square kilometer.  It differs from a rural area in terms of infrastructure, industries of built environment.  It has more than 75% of its population engaged in non-agricultural activities or any other activities. The 2011 census projects an accelerated urbanization with more people migrating into urban areas in search of employment, better life as well as education.

Rural Life Vs Urban Life

Cities are better

1) It is hard to say whether a particular style of living is better for any single person. But the historic evidence is clear that for the growth and expansion of civilization, urban centers are where ideas are exchanged, where most education and research happens, and where artistic and creative pursuits thrive the most. It is also where more people, proportionally, rise out of poverty compared to rural areas, which is exactly why Chinese gravitate toward their cities and away from the countryside. One has more opportunity. From an environment standpoint, cities are also denser and surprisingly better suited to deal with global warming.

2) City life is better because it is more civilian than rural areas Cities have more facilities and good education and health care is provided people have fast access to their needs and wants in cities. Children growing up in villages don’t have as much access to education as much as city life.

3) I think urban areas have more stars compared to rural areas because urban areas have a lot of close by stores for example if you forget paper plates for a thanksgiving party you can just walk to the store you need sine everything is walking distance. IN a rural area the nearest store could be 30 minutes away and it might not even paper plates.

4) Cities harbor buses, trains, trollies, bike shares, light rail, ferries, trams, and more easily accessible ways to travel.

5) cities people are more civilized than villages .

*Village people are very superstitious but cities people accept through scientific reason.

*Urban life is more independent than rural.

*Lack of the facilities rural people can’t show their intelligence but in urban areas through their activity they can prove themselves.

*In urban life there are so many work opportunity.

*In urban life we can’t stay undeveloped forever. We need to become more advanced and move onto an urban lifestyle, which is more modern than the old fashioned rural lifestyle.

* In urban life we get more health facilities & Better Education.

* Because of all these facilities people are more attracted towards the urban life

Rural life is better

1) Rural area is filled with greenery. Fresh air is available. You can spend a healthy life in rural or village.

2) Rural area people are very friendly and open minded.

3) Scientists have confirmed what every urban people have suffering with more stress. Researchers have shown that the parts of the brain dealing with stress and emotion are affected by living among the crowds.

4) The findings help shed light on why those who are born and raised in urban areas are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and schizophrenia than those brought up in the countryside.

5) Food comes from rural areas and into food markets, wildlife is cleansing to the mind, teaches you how to respect creation and life itself as well as other people, can build cool inventions, prospecting for natural minerals like ores, hike, back pack. Build forges, know everybody in the community. There is a lot to do in rural areas if you just put your mind to it and life is simple and not authenticated by full force governed living. Rural living is very peaceful.

5) Urban areas aren’t good. Because of the following reasons

-Pollution, overcrowded, crimes and killings, can’t trust people in the city and higher property costs in general.

-Need permits in urban areas just about all the time, traffic is terrible which means horrible transportation other than the wired people on metro.


-Lastly You can do all most whatever the hell you want as long as you keep the peace and it is legal.

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