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December 7, 2017
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December 9, 2017
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Rainfall is good or bad, Effect of Monsoon on Indian Economy


Water is life. Life has created in the world through water only. Rain is the main source of water. The rainy season in India lasts from June to October. Heavy rains, wind and lightnings punctuate the daily lives of everyone. Rainfall plays an important role in the economic development of India.  Whether rain is good or bad, that’s a big question in front of us. Rainfall is good or bad, Effect of Monsoon on Indian Economy

Rainfall is good or bad, Effect of Monsoon on Indian Economy

Rain is Good

    • Price of agricultural products rises:
      Since there is deficit in the rainfall this year, the production of crops, vegetables and fruits is highly affected. Due to shortage of rainfall, sowing of groundnut, paddy fields, soya beans, and kharif crops in the different states have been affected. Productivity of rice, oil seeds, sugarcane is also being affected. The agricultural sector is undergoing a bad experience. Since, the farmers are dependent on the monsoon; they are not able to do anything except to wait for the monsoon. The shortage of supply and huge demand of the agricultural products has increased the price.

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  • Shortage of power supply:
    Rise in temperature has resulted in shortage of power supply in many states of India. The power cut is also one of the main reasons for shortage of products. And this finally results in the hike in the price of agricultural products.
  • Shortage of water supply : In states like Maharashtra, where the water supply of whole year is dependent on the monsoon rainfall, people experience the shortage of water supply. In Mumbai, the rainwater is collected in the huge tanks which is processed and supplied across the city around the year.
  • Inflation :
    Less rainfall will result in less production. This will create drought like situation. Though India is self-sufficient for production of agricultural needs, but, if such situation occurs, then, India will be pushed into global market. This will result in inflation.

Rain is bad

  • Everything gets dirty.
  • While coming back from school, office or college ! Even if you have an umbrella, the rain still wets you!
  • Clothes don’t dry!
  • Untimely rain spoils the crops.
  • Rain stops the normal life.
  • People fall sick more in this types of seasons.


Everything has good and bad effect. Depending upon the situation everything has its effect.

Rainfall is good or bad, Effect of Monsoon on Indian Economy

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