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June 21, 2018
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June 22, 2018
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Should GD Be Compulsory In Job Selection Process

Should GD Be Compulsory In Job Selection Process

Should GD Be Compulsory In Job Selection Process

As we all know that, somewhere or the other Group Discussion has been granted the priority of being the most important of a job selection process. But, still there is question in everyone’s mind that – “Should GD Be Compulsory in Job Selection Process?” This is the topic for discussion now, but before discussing about its prospective priorities in a selection process; lets know what a GD (Group Discussion) refers to.

Well, as per the background studies are concerned; GD or Group Discussion is a process of applied methodology which is conducted mainly by organizations to test the eligibility of a person’s skills for a particular job profile. This practice was evolved from an organization known as USENET in the early 1980’s. A list of skills are tested among which communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, reasoning ability, assertiveness, flexibility and creativity are judged. Group Discussion is more commonly practiced in areas of corporate jobs or technical ones, in entrance test to some institutes or organization and recruitments. Now-a-days, mostly every company sends its shortlisted employees through a GD to analyze their skills, capabilities and personalities to some extent.

Now, let’s discuss some points which supports the topics of discussion “Should GD Be Compulsory In Job Selection Process?”:-

  1. Group Discussion is a good medicine for those who mare shy and unsocial or introverts who prefer their own company. Taking them through a process of human interaction where public is required, will shatter the ice of introvercy and arouse confidence within them which is required for an organizational environment.
  2. Group Discussion prepares the employees or the prospective candidates for a corporate lifestyle where they have to be excellent in speaking skills, efficient in human interaction skills with bosses and clients, lead meetings and much more. Group Discussion proves to be the tutorial to these types of jobs and hence, it is a very crucial part to be tested before hiring. A corporate company would never like to hire an inefficient employee who would be a disaster in communicating and waste their revenues.
  3. As we all know that, every job requires team work and for those – leadership skills, proper etiquettes and communication skills are required. Group Discussion keeps a check on all these qualities within an employee and teaches it to utilize those in a controlled manner. Thus, a Group Discussion before hiring will prove to be beneficial to the companies who lead projects and assignments as a team with complete coordination.
  4. As a Group Discussion involves communication along with proper reasoning abilities, it enhances the speaking opinions as well as gives the ability to think from new dimensions and angles about different topics and opportunities to expand their knowledge from others. It also provides a track of preparations for the aspirants and prospective applicants with respect to their future interviews. With such advantages in hand, Group Discussion should be made compulsory in the hiring process.

Thus, it’s time to discuss some points which goes against the topic of discussion “Should GD Be Compulsory in Job Selection Process?”:-

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  1. In the case of technical jobs, Group Discussion seems redundant. A person with proper technical knowledge might be bad at Group Discussions, and may get rejected for the job causing a loss for the company. A Group Discussion is well and fine for a corporate job profile, but not for technical job profiles where meetings and discussions are rarely observed.
  2. It follows from the previous point that a Group Discussion should not be the ultimate key of screening to hire someone. Group Discussion can be a part of the recruitment process but other skills and qualifications should be kept in mind while selecting the candidates in the same process. Making Group Discussion compulsory while hiring might be a loss in terms of quality for non-corporate job profiles where educational and technical efficiency parameters are required.
  3. For people who are introvert and shy in nature, Group Discussion might be a stressful affair at times. Stepping out of the comfort zone is always difficult for these people and hence, Group Discussion seems to be very difficult and troublesome for some people. Such an option for getting a job can act as an additional burden for them.

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While concluding the topic “Should GD Be Compulsory in Job Selection Process?” we have landed on a fact that a Group Discussion is more of a technique than a test. It can be a way to find out a person’s attitude, personality, etiquette, potential and knowledge about the topic related to his job. The practice of Group Discussion has been going on in institutions and colleges which is a great help in preparing the students for an actual interview beforehand. However, Group Discussion should be made compulsory where communication requisites and interactive approaches are mandatory instead of making it compulsory for each and every job.

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