Top 15 idioms and phrases with their meanings and Example

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Top 15 idioms and phrases with their meanings and Example

Top 15 idioms and phrases with their meanings and Example

Top 15 idioms and phrases with their meanings and Example

1: Silence is golden

Meaning: keeping your mouth shut is a great virtue


  • Do not tell mom that I broke the chair, silence is golden.
  • This will stay between us, right? Silence is golden.
  • I love it when someone motivates me, silence is golden.

2: Faint to heart

Meaning: to be weak


  • I saw a horror movie at last night and fell faint of heart.
  • When I listen about the death of someone I fell faint of heart.
  • If you are faint to heart person then do not go to the accident spot.

3: Paint the town red

Meaning: to celebrate and have a wild time


  • Let’s go and paint the town red, Mr. Ashok.
  • I cannot wait to go out with my friend and paint the town red.
  • We are getting all dressed up next week and we are going to paint the time red.

4: end of the day

Meaning: To look at all the possibilities and then to make a final decision.


  • At the end of the day, I am the one who has to live in the house that I buy.
  • At the end of the day we were all happy with the decision.
  • At the end of the day I put my computer off and go home to my family.

5: Never mind 

Meaning: to ensure someone that something is not important


  • If my attitude has hurt you please never mind.
  • Never mind, I will do it myself.
  • Never mind Anil, I am sorry that I broke your vase.

6: Come over

Meaning: to go to someone else’s house\ to affect some one


  • Come over here and look out of the window you can see my house.
  • She comes over as being very nervous.
  • The people come over from Bhubaneswar for the festival.

7: Run out

Meaning: to not have enough of something \ to come to an end


  • I have run out of patients with him, he still has not completed the task that I gave him.
  • My car is running out of fuel.
  • If someone is looking for me, please tell them that I have just run out for a second.

8: Bite the bullet

Meaning: to be brave and face a difficult situation


  • When the time comes, I will bite the bullet and take my punishment without a fuss.
  • All soldiers have to bite and bullet when they get their drafting letter.
  • As we are human beings we should learn how to bite the bullet in every period of time.

9: A lot on my plate.

Meaning: to have a lot of things happening in your life at the same time


  • I wonder how you manage so much on your plate.”
  • I unable to concentrate on my work properly because there are a lot on my plate.
  • Now I feel relax all the day long, because I do not have enough on my plate these days.

10: Chill to the marrow

Meaning: to be very cold


  • Especially in winter we feel chill to the marrow.
  • The movie gave me a chill to the marrow because it was horrible.
  • It feels in Kashmir in whole day chill to the marrow due to heavy snow fall.

11: bon appétit

Meaning: Enjoy your food \meal


  • Hear is your dinner .you bon appetite.
  • While you are taking meal together, you should say everyone bon appétit.
  • Welcome everyone to party I would like to say bon appétit.

12: Button your lip

Meaning: to stop speaking


  • Meeting is going on, please button your lip.
  • She was asked to button her lip.
  • His continuous talking makes me wish he could button his lip.

13: put on

Meaning: to wear clothes


  • You should put on new clothes in your birthday.
  • Is there anything special today? Why you put on the new shirt.
  • Do you know him who has put on the red color dress.

14: Keep your hair on

Meaning: to request someone to stay calm and not get annoyed


  • The general kept his hair on during the meeting this time.
  • At the class time student should keep their hair on.
  • You have to keep your hair on when someone is giving advice to you.

15: hang up

Meaning: cancel


  • Suddenly my phone hangs up due to bad weather condition.
  • Don’t hang up your phone when someone is in problem.
  • I want to inform about the serious matter about your family please don’t hang up my call.

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