November 7, 2017
Should martial arts be compulsory in Indian Schools?
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November 8, 2017
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Women Reservation bill will be helpful to our society

Women Reservation bill will be helpful to our society

Women Reservation bill will be helpful to our society

There is no valid point till date which makes any women unequal in comparison to a man. Offering reservation to ladies would give them consolation. They would not be perceived in the public eye as simple “household” laborers. Reservation ought not to be given to treat them prevalent; it ought to be given to enable individuals to comprehend that they are equivalent. This is on the grounds that, a couple of groups in India still have faith in “female foeticide”. Much to their dismay that it’s a lady that conveys a man!

Reservation doesn`t mean women are a weaker section. It is not charity also. In fact, it is the first step the government can logically take to make women come forward and unleash their creative power. Once women use their power, the society and generations are empowered.

In this sector government now days taking a step forward by introducing Women’s Reservation Bill. This step will be very helpful in empowering women in our society. This bill also has some political importance too, reservation in the election for women’s will increase the number women in the assembly which will ultimately improve the situation of women’s in our nation.

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Some obvious advantages of my proposal, in contrast to the previous proposals, are as follows:


  • It will achieve reservation for women without discriminating against any men in any constituency. Men will not be undemocratically and unfairly prohibited to contest from any constituency and every voter will get the democratic right to vote for either a man or a woman. Thus, it should not cause any resentment against women.


  • Any women candidates in any constituency will be eligible to be elected on quota seats. This will avoid undemocratic discrimination against women contesting from constituencies not reserved for women.


  • The quota seats will be filled only when the direct elections do not result in adequate representation for women. This adaptive approach should not distort the direct elections, except perhaps by providing an additional motivation to women candidates to campaign harder.


  • Only women who are closest to victory will be elected on the quota seats. This will improve the possibility of their directly winning the next elections and making the quota seats available to women from other constituencies.


  • The representation of women will gradually increase over several elections, avoiding unacceptable disruptions caused by a sudden artificial upsurge. This will also improve the quality of women representatives since they will mature in a natural manner.


It will motivate political parties to nominate ‘winnable’ women candidates since this is the best way to also ensure their election by quota. A party that does not nominate ‘winnable’ women candidates will lose all quota seats to parties that do nominate ‘winnable’ women candidates.Steps like this should be welcome from all part of our society it will be one of the millstones if such type of step will be executed properly.

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