Basic English Grammar -Usage of Prepositions

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January 9, 2018
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Basic English grammar : Preposition


Preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun which links a noun, pronoun and phrase to another part of a sentence. Here we will understand Basic English Grammar- Usage of Prepositions.

Basic English Grammar -Usage of Prepositions

 Example: –

I will meet you at the park.               Ram is good at dancing.

The pen is in the box.                         In rainy season we drink tea.

There is a cat with black color.       I am with you.

The same preposition used in many sentences.

Basic English Grammar -Usage of Prepositions: At


Basic English Grammar -Usage of Prepositions: At

Time, Order, Time of Festival, Meals

Amit will go at 4o’clock.

You must visit him at regular interval.

Anu left Kolkata at Durgapuja.

Naina will be there at lunch.


Place and Direction

Pooja will take you at the park.

The hotel is at distance.

Rate, Degree and Value

Dev ran at full speed.

It’s now running at a loss.

I got a phone at good price.


I marveled at his dance performance.

We were delighted at the idea of going to Puri.


Basic English Grammar -Usage of Prepositions: In


In the morning time I take tea.

In my time I wear sari.

Ranu was a beauty in her day.

Place and Direction

Raman always found in playground.

Siksha has gone in that direction.


I have cut the chocolate in two.

Ani falls in love.

Of dress

Look at Dia in white.

She is a princess in disguise.


Rome is in poor health.

Rose was in tears.


Mona is talking in a loud voice.

Please pay bills me in cash.


Mr Panda is in Army.

I spent a lot of time in singing.


Basic English Grammar -Usage of Prepositions: With

For filling

The cup was filled with ice cream.

Fill the box with rice.

Means, Instrument

I have cut it with my own hand.

Neha writes with a pencil.


Here is a mango with leaves.

I saw her with happy looks in her eyes.

Accompaniment, Relationship

I live with my friend.

My mother will be going to the city with me.

The doctor with his staff will come here.


Nandu was trembling with rage.

Rakhi spoke with confidence.


Ram did the work with whole heart.

Richa welcomed the guests with open arms.

Care and Responsibility

The decision rests with you.

I am leaving the child with you.

In this context we understand the basic English grammar- Usage of  Preposition.

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