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January 4, 2018
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January 11, 2018
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Is management an art or science


The management is a process which is really very broad and sensitive to time and person. If we elaborate it we will find that management is processes we manage people their time of action as well as the time of action. Today we are going to discuss ” Is management an art or science? ”

Is management an art or science

Management as an art

  • While we manage people we need to handle them very carefully. It is so because each and every individual has distinct personality traits.
  • Being a manager it’s his/her prime responsibility to be very comfortable in handling the present diversity of the traits.
  • Here the managers need to be very flexible, which is itself an art.
  • In an organization, a manager has to witness many challenges in the field of HR: which can only be counter by the help of dialogue and conversation. In this case, both of the aforesaid terms are related to art.
  • Taking care of every teammate’s work sentiments is the responsibility of a manager which can only be executed if he/she is good at having strong interpersonal and professional relationship with all of them, and this is an art itself.

Here we discussed the Management is an Art on the given topic “Is management an art or science”

 Management as a science

  • In case of handling individual the managers implement some strategies, which is a science.
  • The managers control the behaviors of his/her teammates by the implementation some term and conditions, which is a science.
  • While taking a track of the performance of their teammates, the managers implement certain tool and methods: Which is a science itself.
  • If in case some of the teammates don’t perform according to the requirements of the organization, the managers try to take some steps in order to train and develop the sick part of their work force: here it is denoted as science.
  • After every financial year, the managers try to figure out those individuals out of their teammates who had been working at par or beyond it by using certain reports and observations: which is science.

Here we discussed the Management is a Science on the given topic “Is management an art or science”.


If we try to conclude the discussion on the topic “Is management an art or science” , we have come across many observations during the process of distinction proving management an art as well as a science; because both the attributes are integrated and compensate each other in the  complete process of management. Thus, we can say that management is a combination of both artistic and scientific attributes which gets implemented by the managers according to the circumstances which arise at different points of time.

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