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Playing video game is bad or good
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November 7, 2017
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Electronic media vs. print media

Electronic media vs. print media

Electronic media vs. print media

Electronic media is more informative these days. Earlier People depended on newspapers when there was no other source of news and information. But then only the urban people and those who well educated were reading newspapers. The Electronics media has replaced them with better and fast flowing news and information. Today it has spread everywhere, both in urban and rural areas. Electronic media has become so effective that we watch live telecasts. The best part of Electronics media is that it gives life picture and the scenes of the places of incidents.

Print media typically includes newspapers, articles, journals etc. on the other hand, electronic media could be internet, television etc. let’s see some main difference between this two information mead which we use every day in our day to day life.


Print Media

  • Choice of reading – Allows the user to read anytime and can be carried anywhere.
  • A much affordable form of media when compared to electronic.
  • For an individual, it’s quite an easy proof for any sort of information – People especially living in rural areas can easily afford a newspaper as compared to TV etc.
  • The relatively easier form of accessibility public for campaigns etc.


Electronic media

  • A more advanced form of media.
  • Introduces more revenues and job opportunities.
  • Relatively a more innovative form of media. Thanks to motion pictures, animation etc.
  • A variety of options available, unlike print media. People can surf through different channels, site etc.
  • Very appropriate for instant POLLS reviews of the public.
  • Works better for people with hearing and seeing disabilities.
  • Can be reached faster and can be made LIVE.


Electronic media vs. print media

The main intent of any media is to pass information to the public. Be it electronic or print media, the public needs to be aware of the news. Most of the people in daily lives start with print media and gradually, as the day passes by, switch to electronic media.


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