Success is a process of visualization
Success is a process of visualization
January 2, 2020
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January 24, 2020
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Republic Day Speech 2020 in English For Kids, School Students, Teachers

Republic Day Speech 2020 in English For Kids, School Students, Teachers


Here we are going to discuss Republic Day Speech 2020 in English for Kids, School students , teachers etc. We have properly written a speech for the Republic Day 2020. Everywhere Republic Day is celebrated in a grand way. All the schools, colleges and many offices celebrate this function. This is a great day for all of us. Finally we give respect to all the great persons given their life for this country. Because we got Independence and our constitution made for them only.

Sample Speech


The Honorable chief guest of the day, respected principal, teachers, parents and my all dear friends. ,Today i am here to express few words about 26th january ,The republic day . First of all I Would like to wish you all happy republic day on this special occasion . Therefore this the day to honor our constitution which has born a wonderful gift for the whole citizen of India .


Our India got independence on 15th Aug 1947 whereas on 26th January,1950 our constitution was come to force with a system and set of rules and regulation for the security as per the requirement of day to day life. This system is called the democracy to administrate the citizens. Which is for the people ,by the people and of the people. Therefore this democracy is made by the people by selecting a government body to secure the life of human being .

Today India is celebrating 71st Republic day. On this day all the school,collage,offices and few others organization are remain closed after celebrating the occasion. To release the day of having on Indian constitution a drafting committee was set of with Dr B.R AMBEDKAR who was appointed as the president . The main objective of this committee was to prepare draft which would be the supreme law the lows for the sake of the citizen of Indian . It took exactly 2 year 11 months and 18 days to adopt the constitution with the necessary amendments . Although it was adapted on 26th November ,1949 by the constituted but It became formally activated on 26th January 1950. Hence all the citizens of India have been celebrating this day as republic day .

As the time is changing, lots of corrections have been brought to different laws & regulation in our country. Still our country is suffering with poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption etc. Finally as a responsible citizen of the country, We need to take a pledge today for solving such problems in our society and make our country the best country in the world.

Thanking You

Jai Hind

Jai Bharat


You can prepare speech in this way or else can add little more points to make it more effective. Finally You read two to three times and easily remember the content. Once you have remembered the content, you can speak in your college or school also in offices. it’s a very nice republic Day Speech 2020 in English For Kids, School Students, Teachers.

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