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April 17, 2015
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April 25, 2015
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Being rich is being successful

Money is vital in everyday life. It is required to organize the daily activities and lead a comfortable life. Money is essential to pay for house, food, insurance, clothes, education expenses etc. Also, it is an important factor that defines if a person is successful or not. Do you agree with this? Do the people who earn lots of money and are rich enough are only successful? Let us discuss on the topic, “Being rich is being successful.”


• We live in a materialistic world where everything including relationships is defined by money. If there is no money, there is no scope to sustain in the materialistic world.

• In the present world, even beauty can be bought with money. There are many popular film-stars who opted for surgeries and now are successful in their career.

• For being successful it is essential to acquire good education and again it comes from money. Success and money cannot be separated from each other.

• In Indian society, a girl is called successful if she gets a good husband and family. Even if a girl is not beautiful but her parents are millionaire, she will find a guy for marriage easily. That is why being rich is called as being successful.

• Parents start differentiating between their own kids on basis of their earnings. More importance is given to the child who is earning more.


• There are many gangsters who have huge amount of money. But in no case they can be called as successful in our society.

• The definition of success varies from person to person, and therefore it is not essential that rich person might always feel successful.

• There are many rich and famous people who have attempted suicides in their life. If being rich is being successful, then what made them to take such disastrous steps?

• Being successful is being satisfied with whatever things we have. Money cannot buy satisfaction and happiness, and a person without these feelings cannot be called as successful.

• Sanjay Dutt is a son of a famous politician and is one of the richest celebrities. Still, he is behind lock-up. Is this what we call as success?


Here, it is important to know that being rich is definitely being a successful person. Most of the times, success is defined in terms of money. However, again success and rich, these are two relative terms and holds different definitions for different people. A person with Rs 10, 000 salary may think himself as rich and successful while a person with Rs25, 000 salary might not be happy.

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