6 Elements of confident body language in Communication

6 Elements of confident body language in Communication

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Body language is an act & making an impression in the minds of others. Good body language is the act of making a positive impression in the minds of others by the proper use of appearance, dress codes & gestures. We use body language all the time in our social & business life. Here we will discuss “6 elements of confident body language in Communication” . Body language contains different elements like: Posture, Appearance, Gesture, Touch, Expressions Eye contact.

Let us understand each element:


It convey information about the interpersonal relations, posture is how you move your body which can affect how you are perceived by others. We are using our body as its communicator. Moreover it is used for signal sentences. It is related to the whole body, the pose which is an attempt to convey a message. For example how we stand or sit matters a lot.


Gesture improves verbal communication. Both Gesture and speech conveys the same information. They are easier to understand. It includes movement of the hands, face or other parts of the body. Almost in most cultures nodding your head signifies “yes”. The book “The Definitive Book of Body Language” describes as submissive gesture. It explains that people who are born deaf can show a form of submissive gesture to signify “yes”.


This relates to clothing and grooming. Good body language implies dressing smarter then others present in the same room. Not only it carries our body language but also shows the attitude of an individual.


Good body language implies being sensitive to other peoples need to be touched or left alone. Haptic communication is also known as the sense of touch. Besides it refers how people of animals communicate & interact via the sense of touch. It’s powerful means of communication. This type of communication relays information instantly. If you aren’t careful you could communicate the wrong message without ever knowing.


The human face is extremely expressive able to convey countless emotions without saying a word. Moreover expressions like happiness, sadness, anger, hurt, surprise and fear are the same across all the cultures. At last we can say expressions are the key characteristics of the body language.

Eye Contact

Visual sense or eye contact is dominant for most people. Moreover it helps in maintains the flow conversation with other people. Both with the help of eye contact we build & sustain confidence and can belief in our point of view. In addition to it helps in acting on given situation more assertively. The eyes are the window of soul.

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Finally we can conclude that body language plays more than 80% important role in communication. Verbal communication equally important we can’t disregard it. We discussed “6 Elements of confident body language in Communication”.

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