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June 11, 2019
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June 13, 2019


Exams are the process of assessing an individual. Now -a-days it’s debate in the society. In this competitive society exams are more important than learning. It’s a point of stress among the students. So here we are going to discuss ” Should exams be abolished or not ?”

Advantage of exam

  1. Development of confidence and personality: It an aspirant appears an examination he will more confident about from which angle questions are asking and he/she tries to find out the solution how he has to give the answer. If he successfully cracks the exams that are good otherwise he will get some idea how can it be cracked.
  2. Self analysis of one’s own ability: With exam a person as able to know his level of performance and knowledge. He can know on which field him strong and on which field he is weak.
  3. Create punctuality among people: Examination in a awareness which creates like the alarming bell among the mind of students. How they will complete the whole assignment answer syllabus in limited period of times.
  4. Spirit of competition: Exam also creates a sense of compition which passes the students to go ahead and face the difficulties.
  5. Scholarship and awards: Those students perform well in exam they got scholarship and awards to get more motivation for studies. Which makes them to go ahead in their career?
  6. Good future: good grades talents people gets good job placement and remuneration which makes their life proportions and happy future.

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  1. Health issues: sometimes students more during the exam at that time they never give more priorities to their diet and sleep which causes headaches, loose motion, nausea vomiting etc. As a consequence students face problems during exams and sometimes them unable to appear the exam.
  2. Loss of confident power: again and again failures make student losses his confident and feels frustrate after that he can’t concentrate on study as compare to earlier.
  3. Affect natural resources: in every year much more tress are cut down for preparing for exams. So it affects our environment very badly as you know are plays vital role. In our life there was no substitute of tree which can provides oxygen .due to this exams we should affect our environment.
  4. Create pressure: Due to examination students take high pressure which is not required for them. They should obey calm and quiet and they quite distracted from their studies. Due to this pressure it affects their personal and study career will destroy.
  5. The tendency of suicide: the aim of each and every students how to achieve good marks in exams. Sometimes failure makes them to committing suicide. It poses them loss their career, goal and his family responsibilities also so examinations should be banned by govt.

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Examination some extent is good and some extent is bad. According to my opinion subjective exams should be conducted and objective questions should be conducted as online basic. Which will help to consume less time as well as improve effectiveness. Here we discuss the topic “Should exams be abolished or not ?”

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